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10 Best ‘Good Omens’ Characters, Ranked by Likability

As the second season of Good Omens looms on the horizon (premiering on July 28), fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Crowley’s (David Tennant) captivating story. The beloved series boasts a diverse array of main characters, each evoking a range of emotions from viewers ⁠— from endearing adoration to occasional frustration.

The main characters of the show have played their part well according to the “ineffable plan” by the all-powerful. That said, the likability of the show’s characters hinges on their unique qualities and actions within the fantastical narrative. From the surprisingly innocent and wholesome Adam Young (Sam Taylor Buck) to the comedic and clumsy Newton Pulsifer (Jack Whitehall), every single main character in Good Omens has surely left an indelible mark on the minds of viewers.

10 Beelzebub

Beelzebub (Anna Maxwell Martin) ⁠— the Prince of Hell ⁠— ranks as one of the least likable characters in Good Omens. With an aura of malevolence and an unwavering commitment to Hell’s agenda, Beelzebub embodies the very essence of evil. Throughout the series, his disdain for humanity and desire to bring about the apocalypse are evident, making him an antagonist that viewers love to despise.

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His callous and ruthless nature, coupled with his manipulative tactics, make him a formidable adversary for the angel and demon duo. While Beelzebub’s portrayal adds depth to the story, it is his dark and sinister intentions that leave a lasting impression of aversion among viewers.

9 Hastur

As a Duke of Hell, Hastur (Ned Dennehy) embodies malevolence and sadism, making him one of the more unlikable characters in Good Omens. As a relentless enforcer of Hell’s schemes, Hastur exhibits a ruthless and violent nature that viewers find off-putting.Throughout the series, Hastur’s antagonistic actions and malevolent intentions toward the main characters evoke feelings of disdain and apprehension. While his role as a demon adds complexity to the story, it is his merciless and brutal demeanor that ranks him low in likability.
8 Gabriel
Jon Hamm as Gabriel in Good OmensIn the show, the Archangel Gabriel is played by Confess, Fletch’s Jon Hamm. Gabriel stands as another character with questionable likability due to his rigid adherence to divi and unyielding personality. Gabriel’s disdain for Earth and its inhabitants, as well as his condescending demeanor, contribute to his lack of appeal.Viewers may find it challenging to empathize with a character who seems detached from human emotions and experiences. While Gabriel’s unwavering loyalty to Heaven drives the plot, his authoritarian and judgmental approach makes him a character that many viewers may not warm up to.
7 Sister Mary Loquacious
Sister Mary Loquacious in Good Omens

Sister Mary Loquacious (Nina Sosanya), a member of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl, ranks as a character who the viewers might feel lukewarm to. Her constant and incessant rambling whenever she’s on-screen adds comedic relief to the series, but it can also be perceived as excessive and overwhelming.

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While her quirky personality and eccentricities contribute to the show’s humor, some viewers may find her verbose nature tiresome and irritating. That said, it is Sister Mary Loquacious’ mistake and ineptness that jump-starts the whole story.

6 Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell

Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell in Good Omens

A self-proclaimed Witchfinder, Sergeant Shadwell (Michael McKean) is one of the more likable characters in the underrated fantasy TV show. But due to his age and outdated beliefs, he is often guilty of saying narrow-minded and bigoted statements. Shadwell’s prejudiced views and reluctance to accept change hinder his likability among viewers.

While his staunch commitment to his role as a Witchfinder and his idiosyncrasies bring humor to the show, his inflexible nature and lack of personal growth may make him less endearing to some viewers. Shadwell’s portrayal adds to the show’s dynamics, but it is his inability to evolve and embrace new perspectives that place him on the negative side of the likability scale.

5 Adam Young

Adam Young in Good Omens

The Antichrist takes the form of Adam Young in the show. As a child with immense power, Adam’s naivety and impulsiveness lead to unintended consequences. His struggle to reconcile his human upbringing with his divine heritage creates internal conflicts that may make him both endearing and frustrating to viewers.

While Adam’s actions have a significant impact on the storyline, his occasional lack of understanding of the consequences of his powers may create moments of exasperation for some viewers.

4 Newton Pulsifer

Jack Whitehall as Newton Pulsfier in Good Omens

In the first season of Good Omens, Newton Pulsifer is an inept computer engineer who’s cursed to be bad at electronics. Despite his good intentions, his constant bumbling and lack of confidence can be frustrating to viewers. Newton’s numerous mishaps and missteps throughout the series lead to unintended consequences, making him appear unreliable and unreliable.

While his character adds comedic relief to the story, his inability to take charge and assert himself hinders his likability. However, his eventual growth and determination to face his fears may redeem him slightly in the eyes of some viewers.

3 Anathema Device

Anathema Device in Good Omens

Anathema Device (Adria Arjona) is a descendant of the witch and seer Agnes Nutter. Unfortunately for her, finds herself entangled in the fate of the apocalypse. Apart from being incredibly intelligent and resourceful, Anathema is also very driven to prevent the apocalypse ⁠— doing whatever she can to save the world.

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Anathema’s unwavering belief in her ancestor’s prophecies can make her seem rigid and closed-minded at times. However, her determination and passion for her cause may also endear her to viewers who appreciate her commitment to her mission.

2 Crowley

David Tennant in Good Omens
Image via Prime Video

Crowley’s Good Omens is played by the charming David Tennant, who also played the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who. Crowley is a demon with a penchant for mischief, and ranks high in likability among viewers. His sly and charismatic personality, coupled with his unique friendship with Aziraphale, make him an engaging and lovable character.

Crowley’s witty remarks and occasional acts of kindness add depth to his character. Despite his demonic nature, Crowley’s moral ambiguity and occasional displays of humanity create a captivating dynamic that viewers are drawn to. His journey toward embracing his compassionate side makes him a character that viewers root for throughout the series.

1 Aziraphale

Michael Sheen in Good Omens Season 2
Image via Prime Video

The angel with a love for books and earthly pleasures ranks as the most likable character in Good Omens. Aziraphale’s kind-hearted and gentle demeanor, combined with his friendship with Crowley, make him an endearing and beloved character.

Aziraphale’s moral compass and empathy for humanity create a sense of warmth and compassion that viewers connect with. To add, his internal struggle between his angelic duties and his love for the human world makes him a relatable and multi-dimensional character. Aziraphale’s growth and willingness to challenge the divine order for the greater good endear him to viewers, solidifying his position as the most likable character in the show.

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