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10 horror movies set in a haunted house

When you see the file horror With a plot of land with a haunted house in it, your mind will probably take in something similar Charm or Haunting Hill House. Or maybe a lighter movie like an animation haunted house However, this article introduces haunted house attractions. That special time in the fall when the leaves break and lines form outside the cricket buildings into Halloween attractions

With movies like this, you can bet there will be plenty of gore, jumps and other horrors we all know and love. Let’s take a look at ten movies set in haunted house attractions.

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10 The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Petri entertainment

The Funhouse Massacre is a perfect example of a horror subgenre that knows exactly what it is and plays it all. It’s Halloween night, of course, and the journalist decides to go to the madness room of the world’s most notorious killers. Of course, there is a twist in the beginning and the killers escape and head to the Land of Illusions Haunted Scream Park where bloody mayhem is raging.

An unlikely group is formed: a stupid MP and a group of university students who can’t all make it through, because what kind of horror would it be if they all survived?

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9 No escape room (2018)

The media

If you’ve ever done an escape room, you know it’s all fun and games, but there are some tense moments when you’re afraid you can’t get out. in There is no escape roomA group of aliens decided to participate in an escape room and had to go through several rooms instead of one. As expected, evil things start to happen with a touch of the supernatural, which really makes this movie stand out a bit. The characters are easy to root for and will make you think twice before planning an escape room activity.

8 Fear, Inc. (2016)

Fear, Inc
The only suspect

There are people who love being scared enough to pay to have a night in their hell. There are haunted house attractions all over the world that are known to annoy their guests, but since they signed a waiver, all is well. in Fear, Inc.A guy who loves horror movies gets stuck in a company that gives its patrons more than they bargained for.

In popular horror films such as memories of death Scream saw the final destination And Friday the 13th. You will probably change your mind about serious fishing on your next visit after watching it Fear, Inc.

7 American Fear Festival (2018)

American Fear Festival
Produced by Robert Gillings

Halloween night in a small town – is it magic or scary? The answer is both. A downtrodden small town wants more recognition and tourism, so the mayor decides to stage a horror fest. It seems like a good idea at first, until a group of guests run away and decide they want to give the paying guests a night they’ll never forget. There’s the big moment of panic that you watch when the characters realize that this isn’t actually part of the show and that people are actually dying in front of them.

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6 Dark Ride (2006)

Dark ride
Blue Omega Entertainment

There’s just something so fantastic and a bit repetitive about these movies, which constantly feature a group of friends, often college friends, who end up in a haunted house and then have the worst night of their lives. in Dark rideThis is exactly what happens when a group of college students heads to an attraction that has been closed for several years.

Why don’t you go check it out? Little do they know, a serial killer has just escaped from a nearby business and is back Dark ride To torture these young men and reunite them with someone who leaves you traumatized.

5 Ruin Me (2017)

Ruin Me 2017
Weekend horror

You’d think an event called Slasher Sleepout would raise some red flags, but of course our main characters are more than willing to sleep in the middle of the woods for fun. dream slasher v Destroy me It’s camping, scavenger hunt, and haunted house all in one. Of course, things get pretty crazy when he starts looking after her after a release signing. If this event sounds like the time for you, check out the movie Shudder and prepare to be totally freaked out.

4 Hellfest (2018)

CBS Movies

Hell Festival is one of the better movies of recent times about a huge festival that goes horribly wrong because someone decides to take it too seriously. Hell Fest is the talk of the town, and a group of friends are determined to experience some unforgettable horror, not knowing that they are being targeted by someone in disguise.

It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint the turning point in films like this, where one person sees something that no one else sees, but in reality Hell FestivalIt’s so wonderful that our main character has this moment of realization. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time and in awe when the credits roll.

3 Hunt (2019)

Broken Road Productions

ghost It’s the perfect movie to show when you want to be scared but don’t want to go somewhere to make it happen. A group of college friends are lured by a faraway attraction on Halloween night after trying to scare away all the scares. Once there, they hand over their phones and kiss their ordinary lives goodbye as they enter this haunted establishment.

The haunting events are perfectly timed and specific to each character, and Haunt has several lessons that will make you pause to take a much needed break.

2 Homes built in October (2014)

House built in October
Room 101

Sometimes there are horror movies that aren’t based on a true story, but you’d think something of this caliber could actually happen. in October built houseA group of friends decided they wanted to document the scariest horror attraction they could find and also interview the creepiest actors.

The friends turn cheats when they become uncomfortable during a shoot, unaware that they are being watched by two masked figures from the former attraction. It’s a very twisted form of revenge as the group gets cornered by several paid actors and is eliminated one by one.

1 Hell House LLC (2015)

Hell House LLC (2015)
Joe Bandelli / Matt DiPaola

If there is only one movie to watch from this list, let it be Hell House LLC. It’s a great found footage movie. Hell House LLC It is about a close group of friends who use an abandoned haunted hotel to lure them into a haunted house. You will be pleased to know that they filmed this movie at a real haunted attraction called Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

There is something really great about this movie, how real and lighthearted it is. Especially in the scene where Paul faces gravity days before it opens, he gets so scared that he passes out and vomits. Gore Abrams, who plays Paul, stood up in real life; His illness wasn’t in the script, but they left it out in the movie to make it more realistic.



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