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10 Most Underrated Martial Arts Movies Of All Time

martial arts movies surprising. The genre is a stunning and brutal display of martial arts and fight choreography and is responsible for some of the best films in the action genre as a whole. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon raid films, Kill Bill Volume 1And ip man films, drunk manAnd of course, Enter the dragon are some of the best genres the subgenre has to offer.

However, there are a lot of action movies in this genre that have unfortunately been overlooked and haven’t attracted the audiences they deserve. So, with that in mind, here are the most underrated martial arts movies of all time.

10 Tai Chi Man (2013)

Universal Pictures

Before Keanu Reeves returned to the scene with a starring role in It John Wick Movies, the actor directed his own martial arts mini-movie, man tai chi. man tai chi It’s not a perfect movie, but its action is nicely directed and the story is simple but very fun, involving an illegal underground fight club. Make any awesome martial arts movie. Keanu Reeves shows great appreciation for the martial arts genre in this movie and shows great love for a classic movie like it Enter the dragonFor obvious reasons.

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9 Swordsman (2020)

Jang Hyuk - Swordsman
composing the image

on its surface Swordsman It doesn’t seem like the most amazing martial arts movie. However, beneath its rather simple story, it is a martial arts movie. Jo delivery is terrifying and deadly as the villain, and Jang Hyuk is very convincing and brave as the movie’s hero. But of course, it’s an event any true martial arts fan would associate with Swordsman will not disappoint. The swordplay is fast and brutal, and the final battle between Taslim and Hyuk is fantastic.

8 Revenge (2019)

Samuel Goldwyn Films

Scott Adkins is one of the best martial artists of all time revenge It is one of his best films. Of course, the work is top notch. Adkins brings more of the impressive, brutal, and fast-paced martial arts he’s known for, kicking every villain he can. The best parts of the movie show Adkins fending off hordes of enemies while trapped in a prison and destroying a bar while fending off waves of goons. Not only that, but the characters are compelling and the revenge story of the movie is engaging.

7 Alien (2017)

Jackie Chan in the movie The Alien
stx fun

Jackie Chan is undoubtedly best known for his action comedy films alien It’s Chan’s first foray into drama. Fortunately, the movie is actually pretty good. Chan’s stoic performance shocked us all, but what wasn’t surprising was the sheer action of the movie. Admittedly, it’s a little weird not to see Chan stagger down the stairs or get into a drunken brawl. However, impressive martial arts are still on display.

6 Triple Threat (2019)

Triple Threat - Echo Oys
Well Go USA Entertainment

we had Changeable Team up with some of the world’s greatest action heroes. Triple threat It brings together some of today’s greatest martial artists in one movie. Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Iko Uwais, Tiger Chen and even Tony Jaa star in this action packed martial arts action. With great martial arts like this, the movement is of course top notch. Plus, it has the added bonus of seeing martial arts legends go toe-to-toe.

5 Libra (2002)

Christian Balance Companion
Miramax Movies

before John Wick The concession, one of the first uses of the stylized martial arts form gun kata, was balance. Gun kata, if you don’t already know, is a form of martial arts that allows individuals to use weapons in close combat. balance He has that in spades. It’s very cheesy, but it boasts a cool concept focused on the world of emoji bans.

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4 Headshot (2016)

Eko Uwais was shot in the head
vertical entertainment

Championship Iko Owais, head shot Draws many parallels with Bourne Movies, consider it an action movie where the main character suffers from amnesia and forgets who he is. lovable like Bourne Movies, unfortunately, their work is not so great. Fortunately, the shaky cameras and awkward editing are behind us and head shot adds a Bourne Really cool action movie. Echo Aweys is amazing as always and his body of movement is amazing. head shot Brutal, exciting and action-packed. Can’t you love him?

3 Villain (2017)

Kim Ok Bin as the villain

Next World Entertainment

in 2017, villain I came out of nowhere and took all our socks off. The fight scenes are impeccable, with a grueling fight scene very reminiscent of Hardcore HenryBefore the movie ends with a fun, drawn-out bus fight scene. In the age of action movies about killers, John Wick I will love movies villain. The movie has a similar visual style and of course, as mentioned, amazing action.

2 Unleashed (2005)

Still relaxed
Europa Corp

Jet Li has starred in many great martial arts epics. to hero on fearless Jet Li has established himself as one of the best players. Some of his best are incredibly underrated unleashedStarring Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman. The event spreads nostalgia for the great martial arts fight scenes of the past. Wider shots show off Jet Li’s incredible physical strength, and of course the characters can be seen flicking as they take a beating.

In addition, the story of the movie is very disturbing but ultimately warm. It’s a movie that instantly immerses itself in the audience and never lets up, even outside the movie’s range of motion. As always, Bob Hoskins gives a terrifying performance while being absolutely terrifying.

1 Night Comes for Us (2019)

Overnight (1)
XYZ Movies

Best original action movie on Netflix. The night you come to us It’s one of the most brutal, action-packed martial arts films since then raid. Joe Talsim and Iko Owais come together to fight a long, painful and grueling battle to the death. This isn’t an insult, it’s just a long shot.

There is so much bloodshed and so much guts in this movie that it could give both Quentin Tarantino and… Mortal Kombat Franchise races for their money. There is simply no such movie The night is coming to us and She deserves a lot of love.



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