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10 Movies and TV Shows to Watch if You’re a Hulu Bear Fan

If you find yourself watching bear And you love every episode and you want something more, something like the series, but you can’t wait for season 3, you might find yourself looking for something to live up to. bear finest. Movies and shows that lived up to the hype, long-running cooking scenes that drew you to the HULU show, plus a family aspect that made you appreciate each character.

bear It does a lot of things right by making the audience care about each character individually, especially the special guest stars who only have one episode but still make a lasting impression on the audience. If you find yourself looking for the next show or movie to watch bear, and you’ll find yourself saying, “Yes Chef!” Check these 10 options often.

The Big Night (1996)

Reacher Entertainment

Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub, who play brothers who own an Italian restaurant, will please anyone who sets it in search of a comfort cookery movie that appreciates comedic timing and cheap laughs. Located on the Jersey Shore, it’s from the 1950s, which means it struggles a bit with the American version of Italian food and fails to draw big crowds.

They’re running late, so they come up with a plan for one big night. Their uncle lies to them about inviting a famous jazz singer to a restaurant for a large number of customers. You’ll watch the brothers spend every last penny on food for the big night, fight when everything turns out to be fake, and then make omelettes when the night is over.

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Chef (2014)

Jon Favreau as Chef
Open Road Movies

chef It is one of Jon Favreau’s best movies because of the amount of heart and love you can feel in this movie. Favreau plays Carl Casper, a celebrity chef who takes pride in his cooking and his fine dining restaurant where he works as head chef. After a famous food critic came into the restaurant and left a very bad review of Casper’s menu that evening, Carl got a little out of control and went viral for verbally attacking the critic.

He hides for a while until he decides to buy a food truck and take his estranged son on an important life decision to make food his own way. It’s a wonderful and very relaxing movie to watch at any time in your life and feel inspired and hungry as you watch Carl prepare so many delicious meals.

Burn (2015)

Burnt - Bradley Cooper
The Weinstein Company

Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones burnt It’s a combination of Carmi and Richie from bear, And if you prefer these two characters, you will enjoy this movie. burnt It follows a junkie chef who appears to be ruining his life by letting his drug addiction ruin his career and tries to fight back. It’s a very real moment if you’ve ever read a book written by a chef, like anything by Anthony Bourdain, where Jones chastises himself by shooting a million oysters to get himself up.

The ending of this movie is really special as the whole crew shares a meal together which happens a lot bear, it is called “family”. It’s a redeeming story and they have some great dishes too, so if that sounds like something you’re into, definitely add it to the list.

Midnight Restaurant (2009-2014)

Midnight dinner

The Japanese series, based on the manga of the same name by Shinya Shokudo, follows a restaurant that is open from midnight to seven in the morning and the owner who runs the store. As you watch each episode, you will long for this kind of trip – traveling to a place you’ve never been to and stumbling upon a restaurant that only opens at midnight.

Sir, the guy who owns the shop only has a few things on the menu, like miso pork soup, beer, sake, and soju. But he is lenient with his regular customers, and if they want something that isn’t on the menu, he usually gets it for them. It’s a great show with different characters as customers filter each episode and the advice the Master gives is very good.

Boiling Point (2021)

Stephen Graham is Executive Chef at Boiling Point Kitchen
Rotor adjustment

If you enjoyed the seventh episode of the first series… bear And you will appreciate how you really had a bad day in the restaurant, and you will find the same energy in it boiling point. This movie is full of intense tension and tension, with a series of bad things happening one after another in this fancy restaurant. A health check fails, the chefs run into financial trouble, and a string of rude guests arrive in a matter of hours. You won’t see where the plot will take you with each turn, and by the time the credits roll, you might think differently about wait service at the next restaurant you go to.

Family business (2019-2021)

Family business show on Netflix

You’d love this French show if you could relate to Richie Jermovich in Season 1 when he admitted he had to sell cocaine in the back of his… Beef for sustenance during COVID. This family-style restaurant centers on a man named Joseph who wants bigger things for his family, a business that goes beyond a butcher shop.

So he finds out that marijuana is legalized in France and decides to get involved in selling drugs through a restaurant, using the storefront as a cover for what’s really going on. It is compared to Very bad When it comes to drug operation and if you like a little dark side of traits and personalities bear, You will definitely like it Family business.

Juliet and Juliet (2009)

Meryl Streep Jolie and Julia
Columbia Pictures

in bearYou see multiple arcs, character development, and of course cooking. If you particularly enjoyed this part of the show, you should definitely check it out Juliet and Juliet. The film is divided into two parts and two time periods: the fifties, when Julia Child learned to cook in France and wrote her own cookbook, and the early twentieth century, when Julie Powell took charge of creating each recipe. Children’s books in her cookbook.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll browse bookstores for that iconic cookbook, and you’ll feel good at the end of this wonderfully underrated movie. Meryl Streep as Julia Child is perfection and Amy Adams portrays someone who takes on a big project after feeling lost.

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No Reservations (2007)

No reservations
Pictures Warner Bros

If you like romantic comedies and didn’t really appreciate the romantic relationship in the latest series of The Bear, then you need to submit No reservations shot. This movie follows ruthless chef Kate who prides herself on being intimidating and feared by most of her staff. When a tragic accident takes her sister’s life, her young niece must live with her, turning Kate’s life upside down in the process.

Kate grows as a person and as a chef when she hires a new chef, Nick Palmer, who she tries not to feel like, but things happen naturally as time goes on. You’ll swoon watching Nick bond with baby Zoe and encourage her to eat because she hasn’t eaten since her mother’s death.

Kitchen Mystery (2005-2006)

Secret kitchen
20th Century Fox Television

In 2000, legendary chef and entrepreneur Anthony Bourdain published a book called Kitchen Secrets: A Culinary AdventureAnd five years later, a show of the same name appeared. Bradley Cooper reappears on this list as a washed-up chef trying to get his life back on track after drug and alcohol abuse by taking over a restaurant called Nolita.

His character Jacques Bourdain is based on the life of Anthony Bourdain and what he wrote in his book. The show only has one season, but it’s a great watch if you’ve read Bourdain’s book and also enjoyed what’s going on bear It consists of drama between co-workers.

Anthony Bourdain: The Cook Tour (2002-2003)

Chef Anthony Bourdain Tour
Food Network

Anthony Bourdain is one of the greatest celebrity chefs to achieve this level of success while he was still alive, and his legacy lives on to this day. He’s had many shows, books, and documentaries in which he’s been involved that are still relevant and entertaining today. One of his best performances in two seasons is Cook Tour, taking his audience around the world and showing them the back side of both the industry and the prepared foods. You follow Bourdain to France, where he spent most of his childhood, Spain, Vietnam, Provincetown, Massachusetts, New York and more.



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