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10 revelations from the Anna Nicole Smith documentary: You Don’t Know Me

During Anna Nicole Smith’s time as a stripper, she met billionaire J. Howard Marshall II who was 62 at the time and quickly developed a crush on Smith. His wife died, so he wanted to marry her, and he was a billionaire. He bought her a car and a house and she quit working topless clubs,” Missy Byrom recalled in the documentary. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t Marshall who made Smith famous or the reason she got her big break. In fact, according to Byrum: “She said she She will not marry him until she makes a name for herself.”

By 1994, the two had married and Marshall wanted Smith to be financially secure. However, he knew that it would be difficult for Smith to obtain his savings because his son, E. Pierce Marshall, did not want her to have anything. Marshall even tried to adopt Smith’s son, Daniel, which didn’t happen.

After Marshall’s death in 1995, a major legal dispute erupted as his will excluded his son, J.J. Howard Marshall III and Anna Nicole Smith. In an effort to contest the will, Smith and Marshall III joined forces. However, E. Pierce Marshall, another son of J. Howard Marshall II, believed that Smith was exploiting their father for monetary purposes and launched a legal battle against her. Ultimately, this inheritance trial involved Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, not long after Smith’s death in 2007.

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