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After more than a month, Modern Warfare 2 will get its first double XP this weekend

Call of Duty fans, get ready to complete battle passes or order up that gun you’ve been putting off. The next double weekend has been announced for Modern Warfare 2. It will start this Friday, May 26, and take place the entire Memorial Day weekend in the US, giving players something to do once their barbecue gatherings are over.

There has not been a double XP weekend for CoD since the end of April. A day of double XP for PlayStation users started on April 20th and ran until April 24th. Since then, there has been no further incentive for players to go online. If you need more information about After more than a month, Modern Warfare 2 will have the first double XP weekend, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

After more than a month, Modern Warfare 2 will get its first double XP this weekend:

You can be sure your 24/7 Shipment playlist will be packed with players grinding out all they left behind in Season 3 thanks to this weekend’s XP boost, which will double a player’s XP gain, weapon XP, and battle pass XP.

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In Call of Duty, double XP weekends are exactly what they sound like – a full weekend of unlimited double XP. However, it can get a bit confusing due to the multiple Call of Duty live titles (Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0) and the different double XP opportunities that can be present (Weapon XP, Clan XP, Battle Pass XP, and Level XP).

On the Raven Software Trello board, the next Double XP weekend for MW2 has been scheduled for March 16th to March 20th. All three types of buffs – Double Level XP, Double Battlepass XP, and Double Weapon XP – will be available during this Double XP weekend.

Every 4-6 weeks we experience Double XP Weekends, but they also happen occasionally to celebrate special events or to get players excited before important announcements or launches. With this time frame, we can’t say for sure when it will happen, but you’ll never have to wait more than six weeks for another Double XP event.

Fans may receive another double XP the weekend before the Season 4 premiere since it’s still a few weeks away from release. The Double XP Weekend can begin on June 9 as the start of the new season is set for June 14. The next double weekend in XP will start on May 26th at 12PM Cairo time and end on May 30th at 12PM Cairo time.


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