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All of Jack Ryan’s moves are arranged chronologically

And Jack Ryan This franchise is an action thriller based on fictional characters and books by Tom Clancy. Ryan is a CIA agent who gets pulled into all kinds of daring and desperate missions, usually to save the United States and its government from some major threat, and no one else is cut out for the job. Filled with action scenes and plenty of high stakes, the series has thrilled audiences since the release of the first movie. The franchise used to be a staple of action cinema but has now moved to streaming where viewers can tune in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Prime Video, which will premiere the final season on July 14, 2023.

As for the order of the movie, it’s a bit unclear. Whether it’s the fact that Ryan is played by several different actors or that they changed the order of the movies from the order of the books, many people aren’t easily sure where to start. Fortunately, we have listed the movies here for you in chronological order.

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6 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruitment

Paramount Pictures

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruitment It is the latest movie released and the second attempt to reboot the franchise. It’s also the only book that isn’t based on a book, as rather than being an origin story, it serves as a prequel to some of Ryan’s earlier years, though it’s set much later than some of the other films. Chris Pine stars here, showing his early years as a Marine as well as when he was first recruited to join the CIA.

The mission that occupies most of the plot here is a secret mission, with Ryan busy working on Wall Street, and like him looking for shady financial transactions. After Russia loses an important vote in the United Nations, Ryan notices the disappearance of billions belonging to Russian business interests, so he investigates further and ends up plotting to stop a terrorist attack that ends in a financial collapse.

5 The sum of all fears

Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan and Morgan Freeman as DCI William Cabot
Paramount Pictures

This is where things get tricky again. The sum of all fears Technically, this is a reboot of the franchise with a younger Jack Ryan. So in theory, it wouldn’t be part of the same continuity as the original movies, but it’s been hinted at in the later movies, which means it’s also a prequel, even though it’s technically set in the present day in 2002. Based on a sequel Clear and present danger But now it has been reworked as an original story. It’s pretty confusing, but after the movie progresses in Ryan’s career, it will be the second entry.

Ben Affleck takes on the role of Jack Ryan this time around. An old, intact nuclear bomb has been found and sold on the black market to neo-Nazis who want to turn Europe into a fascist superstate. To this end, they plan to start a war between the United States and Russia using the bomb as a catalyst. When a bomb goes off in Baltimore and the Russians attack an aircraft carrier at the same time, war seems imminent. However, only Ryan seems to believe that the bomb was not actually Russian. It is up to him to find the path as well as the true owners before the impending war begins.

4 Find Red October

Sean Connery as Captain Marco Ramius
Paramount Pictures

First edition in Jack Ryan It was a movie franchise Find Red October. Jack Ryan, played by Alec Baldwin in this film, is working as a CIA analyst when news arrives of a missing Soviet submarine called Red October. She has a new technology that makes her undetectable by sonar and is tested in front of a crew member who kills and kidnaps the captain.

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With nearly all Soviet and American submarines searching for Red October, Ryan only thinks there is a possibility that Ramius has not hidden the submarine for a nuclear attack against the United States, but is actually hiding because he intends to defect. Ryan believes this to be the case after discovering that Ramius does not have many personal ties to the Soviet Union. Although the National Security Advisor is reluctant, he gives Ryan three days to confirm his theory and sends him out into the field to find and contact the submarine before it can be destroyed.

3 Patriot Games

Some of the Patriot Games employees
Paramount Pictures

Patriot Games It is another film in the series and the first of two films by Harrison Ford. Ryan has now left the CIA and is instead teaching history at the United States Naval Academy. However, his previous training and years of service never left him, and while he was in London with his family, he ended up involved in the attempted terrorist kidnapping of Lord William Holmes. He disarms one terrorist and kills another, and he thinks that will work.

However, when the terrorist he subdued is broken by some other conspirators, Ryan is threatened again as the man vows revenge. With Ryan’s life in danger, as well as the lives of his family, he is convinced to join the CIA to retrieve the terrorist and put an end to their plans for him and their plans for Lord Holmes.

2 Clear and present danger

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan and Willem Dafoe as John Clarke
Paramount Pictures

Harrison Ford’s second movie with Jack Ryan is Clear and present danger. Ryan ends up as Deputy Director of Intelligence and immediately finds himself in the middle of Colombia’s drug war. The Coast Guard intercepts and boards an American yacht in the Caribbean, only to discover that the previous American passengers have been murdered by the current Colombian crew. As Ryan finds out, the American has been murdered for embezzling drug money from a Colombian drug lord.

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Ryan asks Congress to increase funding to support Colombians fighting drug cartels, but he does not know that the money will be used by some of his colleagues, whom the President has secretly authorized direct intervention in the war. As Ryan tries to hatch a plan with the Colombian government, he realizes he’s not the only one out there, and begins to realize that there are a lot more problems than he bargained for. As two of the Jack Ryan films have previously been released and rebooted, this is chronologically the last film in the franchise, although it is set in the 1990s, while the other two films are set in the present day.

1 Release request jack ryan movies

For anyone who wants to watch the movies in the order they were released, here’s a summary of their release dates. The longest gap between jobs was 12 years The sum of all fears And Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruitment.

Find Red October– March 2, 1990

Patriot Games– June 5, 1992

Clear and present dangerAugust 3, 1994

The sum of all fears– May 31, 2002

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruitment– January 17, 2014



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