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Bard AI Chatbot is getting better at math and coding, Google claims

Google’s Bard was launched as a competitor to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

Google’s Bard AI chatbot, which opened in 180 countries last month and is a competitor to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, is slowly improving at tasks involving logic and reasoning, according to a blog post posted by Google.

The tech giant informed readers in the blog post that Bard is getting better at mathematical tasks, coding questions, and string manipulation through a new technology called implicit code execution. In addition, it has a new export action to Google Sheets.

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According to the blog post, this AI tool offers better responses to advanced logical and mathematical prompts. A new technology called “implicit code execution” helps Bard detect computational prompts and run code in the background. As a result, he can respond more accurately to these tasks.

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However, the tech giant also clarified some limitations of the AI-powered chatbot and stated, “Even with these improvements, Bard won’t always be right — for example, Bard may not generate code to help push the response, code it generates may be wrong.” , or Bard may not include executed code in its response. With all that said, this improved ability to respond with structured, logic-driven capabilities is an important step toward making Bard more useful.”



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