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Blue bloods and character guide

Cold blood is a popular and fan-favorite police procedural drama focusing on the prominent New York law enforcement Reagan family. Tom Selleck is best known as the patriarch of NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Regan who provides guidance and support to his three wayward sons Danny, Erin, and Jimmy, and their mother.

The series premiered in 2010 and has so far consisted of 13 seasons and 275 episodes, with CBS renewing the show for another fourteenth season. With a high profile cast including Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes, fans can’t get enough of the loyal and stubborn Reagan clan and the many triumphs and heartaches they experienced throughout the show. Here’s a handy guide to the actors and characters Cold blood.

Tom Selleck as Commissioner Frank Reagan

CBS Studios

Family patriarch Frank Regan is a respected and revered NYPD Police Commissioner and father to Danny, Erin, Jimmy, and Joe (who was killed in the line of duty before the series began), often offering his worldly insights and advice. motley brood A widowed and beloved member of the community, Frank served in the Vietnam War and spent time at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks, and is revered for his calm and steady approach to his work and handling of personal and professional crises. He is given advice (even if he doesn’t always want it) by his trusted staff and confidants Garrett and Sydney and the indispensable assistant Abigail.

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TV legend Tom Selleck It features the noble and loyal commissioner who first rose to fame when he appeared as a uniformed Hawaiian private detective driving a Thomas Magnum sports car in the 1980s series. Magnum, b. (for which he won an Emmy Award). Later he acted in movies like Three men and a child And Quigley down So are the offers friendsAnd Las vigasAnd Rockford Files before joining the cast Cold blood in 2010.

Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Danny Reagan

Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods

Donnie Wahlberg As the eldest of the Reagan children, an Iraq War vet and decorated detective who followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the NYPD, Danny proves himself a shrewd and shrewd legislator. Danny is never afraid to take an old-school approach to crime-solving, using brute force and often controversial methods to catch the bad guys and keep the streets safe. He is passionate and determined and will stand up to anyone, regardless of their professional status and rank. Danny was married to his beloved wife Linda from 1996 to 2017 until her tragic death and together they had two sons, Jack and Sean.

Wahlberg became a sensation when he became a founding member of the popular children’s group New Kids on the Block in 1984, which took the world and the entertainment industry by storm with the highly successful musical group. They have sold over 80 million records worldwide and continue to tour more than a decade later. He has also appeared in films such as ZookeeperAnd sixth SenseAnd opinion franchise.

Bridget Moynahan as ADA Erin Reagan

Erin Blue Bloods

Flexible and hardworking Assistant District Attorney Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is the only daughter of Frank and his late wife, Mary, and is not afraid to compete with her siblings and family for justice and the greater good. Irene is steadfast in upholding the law and her morals, often taking down her brothers even when they are fighting for the same cause. A devoted mother to her daughter Nicole, she constantly plays mediator when it comes to arguments with her siblings and puts her heart into all the problems she deals with.

Moynahan made her television debut in 1999 when she played the recurring role of Natasha Naginsky on the popular sitcom. sex in the citybefore snapping the protruding parts inward ugly wolfAnd Total fearAnd I am humanand latest in John Wick franchise. In 2021, the actress guest starred in an episode And just like that…to reprise the role of Natasha.

Will Estes as Sergeant Jimmy Reagan

Jimmy Blue Bloods

Will Estes He appears as Regan’s younger brother Jimmy, who begins his career in New York City as a police officer before rising through the ranks to become a field intelligence sergeant after previously going to school to become a lawyer. Known as the “golden boy” of the rowdy clan, Jimmy has a big heart and cares deeply about the cases he deals with, often going above and beyond the call of duty. She falls in love with her former partner, Eddie Janko, and the two marry after seasons of dancing around their romantic feelings.

Estes had previously amassed an impressive list of television credits before joining Cold bloodand star in shows like New LaceyAnd churchAnd The Secret World of Alex MackAndAnd seventh heaven Before portraying JJ Pryor in the drama series The American dream from 2003 to 2005. His performance as Easy Jimmy earned him a Prism Award in 2014.

Lynn Cariou as Henry Reagan

Henry Reagan's blue blood

Former New York Police Commissioner Henry Reagan (Lynn Carew) is Frank’s wise and compassionate father and grandfather to his children of color, serving with distinction in World War II and Korea before joining the NYPD in 1952. Henry is more socially conservative than the rest of his family (with the exception of his grandson Danny) and frustrated with the political correctness of chatter and the world’s justice system. Henry is old-fashioned and often gives his wise advice to his offspring and will do anything for those he loves.

Cariou is an actor and theater director with a career spanning more than sixty years, and an unforgettable starring role on Broadway as Sweeney Todd: The Devil’s Barber of Fleet Street (for which he won a Tony Award), applauseAndAnd Some night music. He also had successful roles in films including Four seasonsAnd About SchmidtAnd Flags of our fathersAndAnd reflectorAnd in TV shows like I wrote a murderAnd the brothersAnd Damage.

Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan

Danny and Linda Blue Bloods

for seven seasons, Amy Carlson She portrayed Linda Regan, Danny’s wife and Jack and Sean’s mother, who never hesitates to express her conflicting opinions to both her husband and his family, keeping Danny in check. Linda, a skilled nurse and self-assured Italian from Staten Island, was always by her partner’s side and remained completely supportive and devoted to him despite her issues and issues with his profession.

Carlson first appeared as Josephine “Josie” Watts in the TV series Another world, She received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her portrayal. The actress later appeared on the show three o’clockAnd PeacemakersAnd Law and Order: Trial by Jury Apart from movies like AnamorphicAnd Green LanternAnd natural selection. Since leaving the series in 2017, Carlson has stuck to television, playing roles in it villageAnd UK ParliamentAnd FBI: Most WantedAnd Would I lie to you? (we).

Vanessa Ray as Officer Eddie Janko Reagan

Eddie Blue Bloods

Officer Eddie Janko Reagan (Vanessa Ray) is Jamie’s co-star and eventual wife on the drama series, a fierce and strong-willed woman who sticks to her guns and convictions 24/7. Eddie is passionate about her beliefs and can often be a little uptight when it comes to arguments with her husband and has a complicated relationship with her equally stubborn mother, Lena. She was raised in perks and protections until it was revealed her father was behind a devastating Ponzi scheme, yet she remains a devoted wife and daughter to those closest to her.

before hitting the streets of New York as a cop in season four Cold bloodRay has had a number of major TV roles such as Charlotte Drake in Pretty Little Liars (Teen Choice Award winner for Choice TV Villain) and Teri Ciccone in As the world turnsAndJenny Griffith suit. Her other acting credits include appearances in DamageAnd white collarAnd The Mentalist.

Marisa Ramirez as Detective Maria Baez

Blue Blood Maria Baez

Danny’s tough and fiercely loyal partner, Detective Maria Baez, is smart and witty and will talk stubborn Regan out of his antics when she sees fit. As a child, Baez witnessed the murder of a young boy by a drug dealer, which ultimately helped mold her and inspire her to become a police officer. In 2022, she eventually adopts a baby girl who she names Elena (after her late mother), but remains fully committed to her job and the New York Police Department.

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Former soap opera star Marisa Ramirez She broke into the world of acting and rose to fame playing Gia Campbell in both Port Charles The soap has a long shelf life public hospital, Before sticking to the melodrama genre and portraying Carmen Mesta Young and restless. Ramirez will continue to land roles My mindAnd powerAnd against the wallAndAnd The body of truth before calling Cold blood in the third season.

Sami Gill as Nikki Reagan Boyle

Nikki Blue Bloods

Erin’s intelligent and highly ambitious daughter, Nikki, is very mature and well-behaved, is very talented academically, and is a graduate of her mother’s alma mater, Columbia University. She is raised by her single mother after her father, Jack, tells her not to take care of her, often asking her family members about their conservative views. Nikki initially wants to follow in Regan’s footsteps and become a police officer before taking another job in San Francisco in Season 10.

Sammy Gayle He previously appeared in several episodes As the world turns In 2009, when she was 13 years old, before she was cast as Nikki Smart Cold blood. While working in feature dramas, Gill also acted in films Vampire AcademyAnd NoahThe last of which is a romantic comedy movie 2018 candy jaropposite Jacob Latimore.

Steve Chiripa as Anthony Abitmarco

Anthony Blue Bloods

Erin’s best friend and colleague, Anthony Apmarco (Steve Chiriba) is a retired detective and currently a seasoned investigator in the District Attorney’s office who often assists the ADA with their cases. Proud and a self-proclaimed Italian foodie who is fiercely protective of his friends and loved ones, he will do anything to help Irene, often providing her with a fresh and conflicted perspective. Anthony and Danny often insult each other, but in the end they have a mutual respect for what they do.

until his arrival Cold blood, Schirripa is perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Bobby Baccalieri, Tony Soprano’s neurotic son-in-law in the critically acclaimed HBO masterpiece the sopranos.Schirripa played the character for five seasons and then appeared in several shows such as my wife and kidsAnd The Secret Life of an American TeenagerAnd Aqua Teen Hunger Force.



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