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Chapter 85: Release date, spoilers and where to read

Excitement is building for fans of the Chinese manhwa series, “I Am the Destined Villain,” as the release of chapter 85 approaches. In this action-packed series, the journey of the protagonist becomes increasingly interesting with each new chapter. In this article, we’ll provide a recap of the previous chapter, discuss spoilers and predictions for the next chapter, reveal the release date, and guide you on where to read Chapter 85.

Chapter 84 Summary: A Glimpse of Danger

Chapter 84: I am the Destined Villain

In the previous chapter, the girl squad arrived at the former clan territory of the ancient Sun Family, only to find it reduced to rubble by the presence of powerful demons. The mention of the Primordial Demon aroused fear among them, for uttering his name meant certain death. As the story progresses, the squad encounters the Sea Palace’s army emerging from the Divided Sea. Speculation arose about their intentions, with one member suggesting that they seek revenge for the death of the Seventh Princess of the Sea Palace, allegedly caused by the Gu family.

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Spoilers and predictions for Chapter 85

In Chapter 85, he confronts Gu Xian’er and questions why he keeps blaming him for past events, affirming that he believes these events ultimately benefited Xian’er. Gu recalled his youth, noting that at Xian’er’s age, he was already having solo adventures and battles, unlike his younger counterpart who struggled to face the Sea Palace Princess alone.

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I am the fated villain chapter 85 release date

Chapter 85 of I Am the Fated Villain is scheduled for release on May 22, 2023.

Release time in different time zones:

time unit release time
Japanese Standard Time 01:45 AM, May 11, 2023
Indian Standard Time 09:15 PM, May 10, 2023
Central European Time 05:45 PM, May 10, 2023
New York 10:45 a.m., May 10, 2023
Australian Capital Territory 02:15 AM, May 11, 2023
Eastern Indonesia Time 01:45 AM, May 11, 2023
Singapore Standard Time 11:45 PM, May 10, 2023
pacific time 07:45 AM, May 10, 2023
Eastern European Time 05:45 PM, May 10, 2023
Philippine Standard Time 11:45 PM, May 10, 2023
Korean Standard Time 01:45 AM, May 11, 2023

Where to read I Am the Destined Villain Chapter 85

You can read the upcoming chapter 85 of “I Am the Fated Villain” live on INKR, a popular platform for manga and manhwa fans. Simply visit the website or app at the exact release time to access the latest chapter.

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Final thoughts

As the 85th chapter of I Am the Wicked Fates approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the continued development of the exciting story. The encounter between Gu and Xian’er promises to shed light on their complex relationship, fueling speculations about future events. Don’t miss the release on May 22, 2023, and be sure to read Chapter 85 on INKR to stay up to date on this captivating manhua series.

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