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Che Diaz’s experimental comedy on And Just Like That: Everything We Know

There’s an exciting new show on TV, and we’re here to tell you all about it. No, you can’t watch it yet. And that’s not because critics got advanced screens ahead of the premiere. This offer is not actually real. (But hey! She will always be there in our hearts.)

The show we’re talking about is Chi Bassathe brilliantly titled sitcom Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) is set in Los Angeles in the second season of And just like that. Say what you want about Sex and the City The character of the sequel — that she’s the absolute worst, that the hate is homophobic, that you don’t mind it but you miss Steve (David Eggenberg) — this fantasy show-within-the-show has to be talked about.

The multi-cam sitcom starring Che looks pretty goofy. I love nothing more than watching it on a Thursday night at 9 p.m., adding in my snarky commentary to every bad joke. (If Che’s “Uber to my bathroom in Los Angeles” stand-up line is any indication, we doubt it Chi Bassa comic writing.)

In the last episodes of And just like that In Season 1, we learn that Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is planning to move to Los Angeles with her new romantic partner—Chi, longtime podcast host Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker)—heading west to shoot her pilot.

Now that we’re a few episodes into Season 3, the pilot is already shooting. no Curb your enthusiasm or Hanna MontanaChe plays a fictionalized version of themselves – although the story was written by a different writer, who wants Che to wear a dazzling blue suit (Amazing) with a streak of blue in their hair (Amazing). Che refuses. Along with Chi, star Tony Danza stars as the father. Don’t you know it, Danza plays himself And just like that.

Chi Bassa Feels like a fever dream. But I’ll give Che the benefit of the doubt, though they may not deserve that much, since most of the pilot’s story is carried on through subplots. And just like that: in brief phone calls, through arguments, and in scenes where Miranda is the main character. But I want to know Everything About Chi pilot. HBO, take this as an opportunity to turn one of the And just like that Pilot loops in the tailgate lead to the rest Chi Bassa.

Along with the list of potential actors and costumes, here’s what we know: Danza plays Che’s father, which would make him either Mexican or Irish, as Che is both. The studio chooses Mexican-American, but that makes him unsafe – and rightfully so! – Seeing Danza himself is clearly not Mexican. His full name is actually “Anthony Salvatore Idanza,” so it’s interesting to me that anyone behind this pilot might find it conceivable that this guy could pass as anything other than Italian.

However, Chi insisted. Danza has a good relationship with them, stating that he’s on board with the show’s message, but he can’t play someone of Mexican descent. man from from the manager Made it long without being canceled, but this one sure will. He acknowledges the offer and makes it Italian, and is close enough to Che’s Irish side that they reluctantly agree. their mother in Chi Bassa He would be Mexican – although in real life Che’s father is Mexican – and he would be dead… for plot purposes.

Instead, Che will have all their culture hearts with Abuela, which is great, because the actress who was cast in the role was “killing it” at readings, according to Danza. What insight does this give us about the show? It’s a family sitcom. maybe. But so far, everything seems to be dramatic.

“I think what you’re doing here is really important. And nice!” Danza tells Chi. “It will open many hearts and change many minds.” Let’s just say “really important and nice” are the types of offer.

We got some of that Italian in this week’s episode, “Chapter Three,” which sees Che running her lines with Miranda.

“How’s it going, little cannoli?” Miranda says, like Danza.

“Dad, can’t you please call me that?” Che fire back.

“I am not allowed to call you anymore? Who am I offending now – pastries or cream?”

This must be award winning writing. That’s all I will say.

The lines go on to reveal a sad scene where Chi cries over their identity, but this is too dark for Chi, who does not want his non-binary character to be depicted as a “tragedy”. Again, I’m kind of confused about this, and also why was the cannolis so important to this scene?

Still from And Just Like That featuring Sara Ramirez and Cynthia Nixon.

In another scene from this week’s episode, Miranda attends the recording of the pilot and sits in the live studio audience. Just before taping, Miranda receives a phone call from her son, Brady (Niall Cunningham), who has just gone through a breakup in Europe. Miranda wants to continue chatting with him, but security at the studio has to take her phone away, so she sneaks up on him. This is how we get a brief glimpse of the cannoli’s big turning point in the pilot.

None of this is funny. That’s probably the point, as Che rebels against the book’s terrible “they/they joke” and bits about Danza like: “For a gay kid, he was too good at laying out blows.”

So, plot Chi Bassa Is Chi Chi just going on? The pilot appears to stage a show consisting of Chi moaning as their disrespectful (but loving!) father works to be politically correct about his child’s sexual identity. Perhaps the next episode will see Che’s dating life, as a lover like Miranda breaks up with her via an after note. I’ve been watching – but I don’t think the world is ready for that Chi Bassa.

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