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Dante Martin – 247 news around the world

Dante rose through the ranks of AEW, displaying superior agility, technical prowess, and undeniable charisma.

Dante Martin (credit: @lucha_angel1)

Born on March 3, 2001, Dante Martin made his way to WWE All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Together with his older brother Darius Martin, he put together a powerful tag team called Top Flight. Passionate about the squared circle, Dante has dedicated his life to honing his skills and enticing audiences with his athletic prowess and exciting presence in the ring.

Dante rose through the ranks of AEW, displaying superior agility, technical prowess, and undeniable charisma. His journey in the world of professional wrestling continues to unfold, leaving fans looking forward to the exciting and unscripted chapter of his career.

name Dante Martin
DOB March 3, 2001
to rise 5 ft 11 in
Weight 85 kg
works Professional wrestler
First time 2016

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Dante Martin wallpaper

Dante Martin (born March 3, 2001) is a rising professional wrestling star for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Together with his older brother Darius Martin, Dante formed the dynamic tag team Top Flight, captivating fans with their unusual athleticism and high-flying moves.

Growing up, Dante developed a passion for wrestling, inspired by the legendary champions and amazing shows he saw on TV. He and his brother embarked on a dream journey to learn the professional wrestling trade. They trained tirelessly, perfecting their skills, perfecting their ring technique and enhancing their natural talents.

In 2020, Dante’s ambitions reached new heights when he signed with AEW. This show confirms his great potential and gives him a platform to showcase his talents on a bigger stage. Along with its sibling, Top Flight made an immediate impression, captivating audiences with their incredible aerial maneuvers, flawless teamwork, and the undeniable chemistry they grew up together.

Dante’s style in the ring is unparalleled with his incredible agility and speed. It soars through the air effortlessly, performing gravity-defying maneuvers with precision and grace. His showmanship includes spectacular dives, acrobatic kicks, and acrobatic kicks that impress opponents and spectators alike.

Dante’s athleticism combined with his natural charisma and presence finished off fans and earned him a growing following in the wrestling world. In addition to his impressive physical prowess, Dante possessed unwavering determination and a thirst for success. He is constantly pushing himself to improve, accepting new challenges and learning from every game.

Whether he was competing in doubles or showing off his skills in singles, Dante brought an unwavering passion and never-say-die attitude to the ring.

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Dante Martin’s career on the independent circuit

From 2016 to 2020, Dante Martin’s career blossomed on the independent circuit, paving the way for his eventual promotion to All-Elite Wrestling (AEW). After being trained by Ken Anderson at the Minnesota Pro Wrestling Academy, Dante became known as the tag team team Top Flight with his brother Darius.

During this time, Martin participated in various campaigns around the world. He appeared in the ring at Over the Top Wrestling in Ireland and wowed the crowd with his athleticism and skill. He also featured in the prestigious AAW Wrestling competition in Illinois, facing some of the most talented fighters in independent wrestling.

Dante Martin’s abilities and potential were also recognized when he joined promotions such as Game Changer Wrestling and Black Label Pro. These organizations gave him valuable opportunities to test his skills against various opponents, improve his ring technique and build his reputation as a rising star.

Throughout his career on the independent circuit, Dante Martin has left a deep impression on fans and wrestlers alike. His clever moves and flawless teamwork with his brother made them a formidable team that earned him a loyal following and respect in the wrestling world.

As his career progresses, the wrestling world is eagerly awaiting Dante Martin’s next move. Little did they know that his incredible journey on the indie circuit was just a stepping stone to greater heights for AEW.

In every match, he proved he was a force to be reckoned with and cemented his position as one of the most exciting and talented wrestlers in the business. The independent tour gave Dante Martin a platform to improve his skills, gain experience and find his way to success.

This paved the way for his eventual jump to AEW, where he continued to captivate audiences and showcase his vast potential as a rising star in professional wrestling.

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Dante Martin’s career as an AEW wrestler

Dante Martin, who joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2020, has emerged as a rising star who has captivated both fans and critics with his incredible athleticism and in-ring prowess. Alongside his brother Darius Martin, Dante is a key player in the AEW tag team division as a member of the explosive tag team Top Flight. On October 20, 2020.

Top Flight debuted in AEW at AEW Dark, and they made an immediate impression with their high-flying personality and great teamwork. Fans and AEW management were impressed with their upbeat performance, which led to them becoming regulars at AEW events.

Dante’s career in AEW was marked by his agility and flying skills. His breathtaking dives and acrobatic stunts wowed the audience. His prowess and skill in the squared ring is demonstrated by the ease with which he can switch from high stakes to technical wrestling.

Dante has faced the best talent and some of the best in the industry throughout his time in AEW. His contests with famous groups like the Young Bucks and Lucca Brothers demonstrated his ability to compete with the best groups in the industry, cementing his status as a rising star.

His continued artistic development and growth have been hallmarks of Dante’s time with AEW. He excelled in various conditions winning both doubles and singles matches. He is now known as one of the most promising young artists in the field thanks to the high praise his performances have received from both his peers and fans.

With each game, Dante Martin increases his loyal fan base of supporters while captivating the crowd. There are no limits to what this elite athlete can achieve as his career progresses, and All Elite Wrestling fans can’t wait for the next exciting chapter.

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Dante Martin Championships and Accomplishments:

Dante Martin Championships and Accomplishments:

  • Hollywood Championship Wrestling: Hollywood Heritage Team Championship (1 time) with Darius Martin as Best Flight
  • Major League Wrestling (MLW): MLW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) with Darius Martin at Top Flight
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI): Ranked no. 101 in the PWI 500 in 2020
  • Ring of Honor (ROH): Finalist for the ROH Top Prospect Tournament in 2020
  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON) Awards: WON Most Improved Wrestler (2021) with Darius Martin as Best Fight

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