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Documentary Films Collaborates with Zachary Quinto on the historical film Homos

Ready for the sexiest stories ever? Dekkoo, an innovative subscription streaming service just for gay people. Well, it’s Pride Month after all, so here’s the thing Homeos Historical. The new series — think of it as a fun-to-watch podcast — recently debuted on streaming thanks to a joint effort between Idyllwild Pictures and actor/producer Zachary Quinto (American Horror StoryAnd Guys in Band, Star Trek).

“Zachary is an old friend of mine and he was instrumental in this,” he said. Donal BrophyHead of Development for Idyllwild Pictures, the entertainment company he runs in Palm Springs with his wife Emrhys Cooper. It was our polar bear Homeos Historical.

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Homeos Historical It started as a coffee table book for Bash — just Bash, like Cher — and his sister, Lucy Hendra, who are back in the UK. After their Instagram feeds exploded, the fun and helpful siblings wanted something more. Quinto has been working on something similar, called pride and prejudice, With Brophy and Cooper. Suddenly, all parties decided to combine the projects and create one unforgettable trip. It’s a good thing they did. Who knew history could be so much fun? Well, Diane Morgan (Dirty on the floor), but sample this shiny gem, folks.

A unique spin on Queer history

Homeos Historical Offers an authoritative and often humorous guide to queer history. As hosts Bash and Brophy note early in the series, historians have “some of civilization’s biggest names in the closet… LGBT people have been around for ages, defying society, making appearances, and living their deepest fantasies.” With the help of images of Socrates, Michelangelo, Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare and others, we are told, “They were all members of the rainbow tribe.”

The first four episodes offer plenty of everything L, G, B, and T. Male homosexuality in Greek mythology is the theme of the first episode, and the hosts are all welcome as they reveal how these myths reflected real life in ancient Greece. Over the course of the episodes, Bash and Brophy reveal eye-opening stories. One story that really stands out is the true story of transgender spy and soldier Le Chevalier Dion, who was born Charles and became “Charlotte” at the age of 49, only to realize that being a woman in the 18th century was too restrictive. .

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When asked what he thought viewers would be surprised about the show, host/co-creator Donal Brophy quipped, “I think the audience is going to be very surprised by how good-looking and skinny Bash and I are.” (eyelash!) “They will wonder how these attractive young men can also be so smart.” I’m kidding. I’m not joking.”

“People are very surprised at how obvious the ‘data laundering’ process is,” Brophy continued. “Many of the people we hear about—Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, for example—lived very freely as bisexual men and gay men. The truth is, before we all started labeling ourselves as gay, life was very fluid, and also perfectly acceptable in many circles. Every generation thinks they invented sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and in the last 50 years, many people think they invented gay. Gay has been around forever.”

Cooper added, “I feel people would be very surprised at how much they were accepted and revered in ancient civilizations. For example, in ancient Egypt, trans and non-binary people were considered demigods.

A show full of LGBTQ tributes

Idyllwild Pictures

It’s also fitting that Cooper would like the series to be a tribute to his longtime mentor/collaborator Bill Cohen, who passed away in late 2019. Cohen was a courageous advocate and early curator of LGBTQ+ studies and queer academies. He co-founded Haworth Press with Patrick McLoughlin and together they worked on many projects with Cooper. After Cohen’s death, Cooper “wanted to continue his mission and his memory… Homeos Historical It’s a love letter to his work.”

There is much to appreciate Homeos Historical. The hosts are charming – Bash’s wit stands out, Brophy exudes plenty of charm. The series is innovative and informative as the “gay greats from the past” finally shine in the spotlight. In addition to Shakespeare, other notable pieces include the unveiling of Louis XIV’s brother. Philippa – who was loosely dressed – and Eleanor Rickner, a 13th-century prostitute who claimed in court records that her best clients were monks because they paid the most.

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An important part of the couple’s mission: to give a voice to the many people in history who have been overlooked. Cooper shared, “I grew up very lonely as a closeted gay man in the ’90s.” “It wasn’t very well represented in any of the media and we didn’t learn anything about LGBT history at school or at home. It’s important for me to have this information because I want LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters to read it.” And learn, and strengthen, and do great things. These characters should serve as an inspiring springboard for the rest of their lives.”

Perfect timing for this LGBTQ+ series

Bash and Donal in the historical film Homos with Zachary Quinto
Idyllwild Pictures

No doubt about it Homeos Historical He comes at just the right time, but is quickly snubbed while chatting with Brophy. “We are under attack. It seems that many malign forces have combined to create a dangerous backlash against LGBT rights,” Brophy said.

One thing should be crystal clear: We’re not going back into the closet, we’re not taking prisoners, and we’re not here to make friends. We intend to teach our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, as well as passionate and lonely youth, that they are part of a long history of wonderful, wonderful, fun and wonderful planets.

Meanwhile, the series tends to be the same with a careful balance of humor, facts, historical data, and a whole lot more Joy de Vivre. “People have talked a lot about the gay agenda,” Brophy explained. The gay agenda mostly consisted of getting a good seat at brunch and idolizing a drag queen. The truth is, most gay men are just trying to end their day with a good job, fall in love, and be with their family and friends.

He added, “However, there seems to be a backlash against all of these sound rights that we’ve collected over the past 10 years.” “It’s important that we get it Homeos Historical To enhance information so that there is no doubt about the significance of LGBTQ figures in the intellectual and spiritual development of human society.”

new episodes Homeos Historical It airs every Friday during Pride Month. Learn more at



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