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Drivers say the potholes at Berthoud Lane are the worst they’ve ever seen

US 40 Berthoud Pass is the most direct route from Denver to Winter Park, and it’s potholed.

Ted Williams uses the Berthoud Trail a lot and says he’s seen the road deteriorate over time. While he had no problems, his son April did.

“He hit a section of the road here next to Mary Jane where he couldn’t avoid a ditch because of oncoming traffic,” Williams said. “He turned it over. The wheel broke and took him straight into the guardrail.”

Williams’ son left with minor injuries, but Williams and others worry something more serious could happen as the summer approaches.

“You have people with campers and their little boats go out once a year,” said Grand Lake resident Jeff Clayton, “but maybe the tires weren’t inflated—and I saw two the other day when I was driving.”

The owner of a towing company in nearby Fraser told Denver that 7 calls for a flat tire along Berthoud Lane go through the roof, describing it as a very serious condition.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) says repairs to the Berthoud Pass have been in the works for a while. Officials say the potholes were patched in late April, most recently last week, but the cold winter has made repairs more difficult for crews.

“When there’s a lot of snowmelt falling from large-scale snowpacks, it creates craters again,” said CDOT’s Elise Thatcher.

A long-term solution – the resurfacing project – is scheduled for June.

“There’s urgent money from the state transport committee set aside to fix the big potholes this past winter and spring,” Thatcher said.

CDOT says $11 million will go towards Berthoud Pass repairs.

“I pay taxes to keep my cars owed, I pay taxes to keep our roads worthwhile, and our cars worthwhile,” Williams said.


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