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Emily Elizabeth is hitting bora bora in the smallest bikini she owns

Emily Elizabeth drops another hot bikini!

The model, who is known for her emaciated photos on social media, took to Instagram on the first day of June to update fans with a snap of her enjoying her vacation. For her day in the sun, Emily went shopping for a couple of tiny pieces that she’s struggling to fit into her large assets.

Enjoy the sunny day

Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Emily delighted her 2.3 million followers with her latest update, which was captured during a Bora Bora trip. She was wearing a mini swimsuit set, which she showed off while enjoying the warm temperatures on the beach.

A view of the sea, lush greenery, and a glimpse of blue sky provided a stunning backdrop for the influencer’s latest post. Although it seemed that all eyes were only on her. Emily stood under a shaded area as she looked ready to plunge into the water in a skimpy bikini that left little to the imagination.

All eyes are on Emily

Emily Elizabeth taking a selfie.
Twitter | Emily Elizabeth

The 25-year-old wore a printed bikini that highlighted her all-over glow. Her top was adorned with thin straps tied behind her neck, which helped her accentuate her toned arms. The piece also featured a plunging neckline that revealed its generous cleavage. Meanwhile, her tiny triangle cups weren’t enough to fully cover her curvaceous assets. Thus, a great deal of the side sections and a hint of the undergarment can be seen from certain angles. The tight fit also enhanced the busty width.

Emily wore matching pants that fit snugly around her waist. The lower garment was more flattering than the upper half of her look as they only covered what was necessary. It featured a bold high-cut design that showed off her flawless bikini area all the way to her toned legs. The curved waistband with the sides extending up on her hips highlighted her toned midsection and abs.

Bomb shell in Bora Bora

Emily Elizabeth takes a pose in Bora Bora.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The photo saw Emily pop her hips to the side while parting her thighs and grabbing her drink with her right hand. She let her other arm hang at her side as she looked down and smiled.

For the occasion, the model pulled her blonde locks into a bun. She lets her long bangs fall to frame her face. Emily skipped over the accessories and makeup to let her natural beauty shine.

According to Geotag, she is staying at The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort.

going viral

Emily’s ardent fans loved her new update as the post garnered tons of likes and dozens of comments in less than 24 hours of going live on her account.

One wrote, “Every bikini looks good on you Emily, especially this one.”

“Beautiful woman.” another fan commented.

The third commenter quipped: “A sexy piece of heaven.”

“Goooood Lawd!” You’re too hot,” the fourth user sneered.

Always on vacation

Emily Elizabeth eating watermelon.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

In March, Emily flew to the Maldives with her boyfriend, who popped the big question during a romantic dinner date on the beach.



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