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GOP 2024 contender slams Biden over oil and gas production; He says true energy independence is a “no-brainer”

First on the fox – North Dakota State. Doug Burgham highlights his opposition to President Biden’s energy policy as he runs for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

We should sell energy to our allies rather than buy it from our enemies. But Joe Biden has shut down our oil and gas production,” Burgum said in a new ad shared first with Fox News on Thursday.

“True energy independence will lower gas prices, unleash the economy, and enhance national security,” says Burgum, a former software company CEO turned two-term governor in his home state. “In North Dakota, we call that a no-brainer.”

Burgum’s campaign tells Fox News it will spend more than $1.2 million to get the site running on television and digital starting Thursday statewide in Iowa and New Hampshire, which hold the first two contests in the GOP presidential nomination calendar.


Energy, economy and national security are the three critical issues that Burgum will highlight as he campaigns as a dark horse for the White House.

“We’re running because we want to unleash the American economy and we want to improve the lives of every American and the way we do that, of course, is get our economy to really roll. To really get our economy to roll, we need to make sure that we have an energy policy that is 180 degrees different than the one we have under Biden administration. When we fix energy policy, we have a chance to really stabilize the world,” Burgham argued in an interview with Fox Digital during his campaign launch.

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He charged that Biden’s energy policy “empowers dictators like Putin to invade Ukraine.”

Since taking office in 2021, Biden and his administration have pursued an aggressive climate agenda to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote green energy alternatives.

President Joe Biden speaks at the Lucy Evans Baylands Center for Natural Interpretation and Conservation in Palo Alto, Calif., Monday, June 19, 2023. Biden spoke about climate change, clean energy jobs, and environmental protection. (AP Photo/Suzanne Walsh) (AP)

Referring to US relations with China, Burgum emphasized in an interview with Fox Business last week that “we have to start our energy game because that’s actually the way to get power. We are an energy superpower and whoever the energy superpower is will rule.” the world “.


And on Twitter last weekend, the governor argued, “The Biden administration wants to separate energy from national security — but that’s not how things work. The world will become a safer place when America regains true energy independence.”

While he’s only a household name outside of North Dakota, Burgum enters the 2024 presidential race as one of the richest members of the Republican field, along with billionaire businessman Vivek Ramaswamy and former President Donald Trump, leading the way. The latest Republican primary polls as he contests his third consecutive presidential election in the White House.

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When asked how much of his money he would invest in his 2024 campaign, Burgum didn’t give a dollar amount, but told Fox Digital earlier this month that “in every other project I’ve started, I’ve been willing to invest in myself and I’m not going to ask donors to invest in me.” This race if they didn’t know I was investing in myself.”

Burgum appears to be sticking to that promise — his campaign says buying new ads brings their spend on play sites to more than $4 million.



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