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Hikaru Shida reflects on her AEW Women’s World title victory

Hikaru Shida’s recent triumph in capturing the AEW Women’s World Championship stands as a pinnacle moment in her life. In a conversation with Denise Salcedo on the “Instinct Culture” podcast, the newly-crowned champion shared her heartfelt sentiments about the victory, her expectations, and the significance of winning in front of the fans.


The Greatest Moment of My Life

Shida’s elation was palpable as she described the emotional impact of her title win. “The night was the, I think that was the greatest moment in my life,” Shida exclaimed. She emphasized the significance of this victory being witnessed by the fans, a contrast to her previous championship reigns during the pandemic without live audiences. Shida expressed her happiness at being able to hear the fans’ cheers, making the experience feel like a dream turned reality. “The moment, that was the best. I felt it was like a dream.”

A Mix of Dream and Reality

Reflecting on her first AEW Women’s World Title win, Shida acknowledged the unique challenge posed by the pandemic. She noted that even though fans’ support was visible online, the absence of their audible cheers created an unusual sense of uncertainty. “I felt like it was a dream, but also felt, ‘Oh my god, it’s real.’ The fans are there, and I can hear that.”

An Unexpected Victory
When asked about her expectations leading up to the win, Shida’s response was candid. “To be honest, not really. Of course, I always wanted,” she confessed. Shida highlighted her initial championship reign, which took place only six months after she joined AEW. Language barriers and certain limitations made her first tenure as a champion challenging. However, with time and growing comfort, she felt more prepared to fully embrace the role. “I’ve always felt there were a lot of things I couldn’t do as a champion. So I always wanted, but I really didn’t expect it happening, especially right before our biggest show, Wembley, so I was so surprised. But I did it.”

Hikaru Shida’s journey to capturing the AEW Women’s World Championship is not just a testament to her wrestling prowess but also a story of determination and growth. As she navigates this new chapter as a champion, her authenticity and passion continue to resonate with fans worldwide.

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