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It’s where Chandler and Janice were on their honeymoon, according to Maggie Wheeler of Friends

In 2023, Maggie Wheeler sat down for an interview with Travel + Leisure where the darling actress opened up about her memorable “Friends” character, Janice, and even revealed where she thought Janice and Chandler would have honeymooned if they ended up together. instead of. “I would say Nassau. Not Nassau County, but Nassau Island,” Wheeler shared. “Anywhere with a pool and a Piña Colada.” Wheeler also confirmed that Janice was still going to be the same sassy person she always was, even while traveling with her new husband.

“I think she’s going to need some help with her heavy bags so she doesn’t break a nail. Whatever she could possibly need, she’ll bring everything. Not so different from a moi!” quipped the sitcom star. Of course, Chandler married his friend, Monica, and Janice took a different path to her happy ending. But it’s always fun to think about what would have happened if the two characters had made it work.

Weller didn’t seem to mind that Janice wasn’t Chandler’s one. The actress admitted that she loved being a part of the show. “All I knew was that it was the best set I’ve ever been in, and that it was the most helpful and wonderful cast I’d ever been a part of.” [and] The writers were great,” she gushed. “For me, it was fair [a] Celebrate, like, “Look where I landed.” This place is amazing.”

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