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Jey Uso ends Roman Reigns’ 3 1/2 year dominance as he pins “The Tribal Chief” for the first time in 1294 days

The Usos won the Bloodline Civil War tag team match which was the main event of WWE Money in the Bank. The impressive visual presentation set the tone for the fight, with fans cheering for the Usos as they entered the ring. When Reigns and Solo Sikoa appeared, Michael Cole stated that the last time Roman Reigns was pinned or surrendered was on December 15, 2019.

The boisterous crowd contributed to the “great fighting feel” of the match before the match. Jimmy and Solo kicked things off. Solo had the upper hand at first, while Ruoman laughed in the corner. When Jey was tagged in, the tide turned. Roman then requested the sign from Solo, who took his time delivering it. Ruoman quickly wins over Jie by jeering supporters. As Jay made a tag, Roman slid out of the ring to avoid the Twins’ double kick.

Roman returned to the arena after a motivational talk from Paul Heyman and dominated before tagging in Solo. For a long time, Reigns and Sekoa had the upper hand, including stopping Jimmy from hot tag and delivering blows outside the ring. Jimmy avoided Superman’s punch and tagged J in the end. As Roman was tagged in, G hit suicide dunks on both of his opponents until Reigns countered.

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The four men face each other face to face

A four-man brawl ensues, followed by a series of near misses, including Jimmy being knocked off the guillotine. The referee was then shocked, leaving Roman standing with 1D as the crowd counted to ten. Jimmy Samoa received a spike from Sekoa, followed by a spear from Reigns. Reigns then stacked both twins for the pin. As the referee counted down, he kicked out the Usos, which sparked a huge response from the crowd.

Jimmy is dramatically kicked on the announce table by an enraged Sequoia. Jimmy jumped out of the way as he went for a splash, taking Solo out of the match. Meanwhile, Jay and Roman traded super kicks and spears, resulting in another near-fall as Jay was knocked out. After a low blow, the Usos grabbed control with super kicks and signature double team techniques. The action came to a head as Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns for the first time in over three years.

Roman Reigns was last pinned at TLC 2019

In a Battle of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs at WWE TLC 2019, Baron Corbin pinned Reigns. Reigns was pinned for about 1,200 days, but the run at Money in the Bank 2023 is over.

WWE surprised the world at Money in the Bank when they pinned Roman Reigns in the main event for the first time in over three years. He was defeated by Usos and Solo Sekua in the bloodline civil war.

After a great match that featured many great moments, including several impressive falls from The Tribal Chief, Jey Uso pinned Reigns. Finally, a series of super kicks followed by a rope splash knocked him off the top.

A sad Roman Reigns makes his way out of the arena as Jimmy and J celebrate their historic victory. He sat on the ground, facing the slope, his face expressionless.

Reigns let out an angry howl before his despair caught him in an unseen moment on the Money in the Bank show. Then he got down on one knee to talk to Paul Heyman. I scored a front row fan at the end of this entry ramp.

Watch the full match below:

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