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Kana Hanazawa is announced as the Dark Gathering Anime’s ending theme

In exciting news for anime fans, the official website for Kenichi Kondō’s Dark Gathering manga has announced that the talented Kana Hanazawa will be providing her voice to perform the show’s catchy ending theme titled “Haiiro” (Grey). With a combination of the exceptional writing by Konomi Fujimura and Katsutoshi Kitagawa, who also composed and arranged the song, this ending theme is set to leave a lasting impression on viewers. The anime is set to premiere in July, and features an impressive cast including Yū Sasahara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kana Hanazawa, and Rina Kawaguchi.

Introduction to the Dark Gathering Anime ending theme

The highly anticipated TV anime adaptation of Kenichi Kondō’s Dark Gathering manga will captivate fans not only with its engaging story but also with its enchanting ending theme. Kana Hanazawa, known for her exceptional vocal abilities, was chosen to perform the closing theme titled “Haiiro” (Grey). Thanks to the collaborative efforts of talented lyricist Konomi Fujimura and composer/arranger Katsutoshi Kitagawa, this song promises to create a moving and unforgettable closing experience for viewers.

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A closer look at the cast and crew

The Dark Gathering anime features an impressive cast of voice actors who will bring the characters to life. Yu Sasahara takes on the role of Yayoi Hо̄zuki, while Nobunaga Shimazaki portrays the role of Keitarо̄ Gentо̄ga. Kana Hanazawa provides her voice to Eiko Hо̄zuki, and Rina Kawaguchi takes over the character of Ai Kamiyo. With such a talented cast, viewers can expect a truly immersive experience as they follow the journey of these captivating characters.

Behind the scenes, the anime is being directed by director Hiroshi Ikahata, known for his work on FLCL Progressive, Kiratto Pri☆Chan, and Space Battleship Tiramisu. Shigeru Murakoshi oversees the scripts for the series, and has been acclaimed for his contributions to I’m Quitting Heroing and the Zombie Land Saga. Character design is in the hands of Shin’ya Segawa, recognized for his work on Pastel Memories and Garakowa-Restore the World-. Kohta Yamamoto, Shun Narita, and Yūsuke Seo collaborated on the series’ catchy music score. The team is rounded out by talented individuals such as Taijirō Nagata as art director, Yuho Ando as director of photography, Takahiro Uezono as 3D director, Ritsuko Utagawa as color designer, and Kōhei Yoshida as sound director.

The Dark Gathering manga story

The Dark Gathering manga revolves around the protagonist Keitarō Gentōga, who possesses the unique ability to communicate with spirits. Due to an incident involving spirit possession during his middle school days, Keitarō secludes himself from society for over two years. However, as he begins his journey into the world as a private tutor, he meets the adorable little girl Yayoi Hōzuki. Yayoi immediately becomes aware of Keitarō’s medium-soul skills, and invites him to accompany her to a haunted place. This sets the stage for their exciting adventure.

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