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Kindly Myers celebrates ‘Thirsty Thursday’ in sheer lingerie

A fashion model Please Myers She doesn’t leave much to the imagination in her latest steamy pictorial!

The Army National Reserve veteran took to social media to share several photos that highlighted her wearing sheer bodysuits with a matching thong and each photo is more sexy than the last!

Ex-soldier, Please Myers is ready for a “Thirsty Thursday” in her sheer bodysuit!

Instagram | Please Myers

Looks like this former soldier is about to break the internet! The supermodel took to Instagram to share several photos in which she appeared on a white sofa in sheer floral lingerie. The bra has pink underwire and sheer cups adorned with purple and green patterns of swirling flowers. The material is so transparent that fans can actually see the sticky covers you wear under your bra to prevent tripping up sensitive Meta filters.

She’s wearing a matching thong that has pink straps that extend over her narrow waist. Her little pink pony tattoo can be seen on her right hip, just below the strap of her thong. Her large “Invictus” tattoo can also be seen running down her left wing, which is partially hidden by the strap of a tiny pink floral thong.

Please give fans a back view of her sun-kissed buns in this sheer lingerie set

Kindly Myers celebrates 'Thirsty Thursday' in sheer lingerie
Instagram | Please Myers

In another photo, the famous Playboy playmate got off the couch and knelt on the floor. She was kneeling barefoot on a circular cow-print rug that matched the white floor and adjacent sofa. She was perched with one hand on her knee, showing off her sunny bun to the camera while her long blonde hair cascaded down her back in loose waves. Please look down for this shot, where she shows off her winged eyeliner and pink eye shadow to match the color of her floral lingerie ensemble.

The Nashville-based supermodel has marked her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee as her current location. In the caption, she simply wrote, “Thirsty Thursday” and tagged @jpaullphoto the stunning shot and honeybirdette of the sheer lingerie collection. Please get most of her collection of Lingerie from Honey Birdette, and it looks like this one was no exception!

Please put her ‘Invictus’ tattoo on full display for her fans to admire

Kindly Myers celebrates 'Thirsty Thursday' in sheer lingerie
Instagram | Please Myers

In another snap, the OnlyFans supermodel put her “Invictus” tattoo on full display as she reclined her back on a section of white velvet corner sofa. She is holding her long blonde hair from her face with both hands as she shows off her fit physique for the camera. one leg bent in front of her; She presses her toes to show definition of her calf muscles. Her other leg is stretched out in front of her, but her other foot is still bent.

Fans and famous friends couldn’t get enough of the amazing snapshot. Model Gala Sue dropped one fire emoji in the comments; Please reply with three. “I’m thirsty right now” wrote “Professional Internet Breaker” Kayla Moody, who also added three fire emojis to the post. “Let me quench your thirst,” I replied with some water droplet emoji.

Cute Looks Semi Naked While She “Looks For The Remote”

Kindly Myers celebrates 'Thirsty Thursday' in sheer lingerie
Instagram | Please Myers

In another stunning photo, it looks like the social media sensation may be wearing nothing at all as she kneels on the couch with one elbow resting her head on the palm of her hand. Her long blonde hair falls in loose spirals across her chest, and the pink flowers of her sheer bodice can barely be seen through her long blonde tresses.

“Love that first photo,” her regular photographer, Thomas Brosseau, commented, referring to this one. Please reply, “POV you walk into the living room and I’m looking for the remote control.” One fan called her “the absolute queen” while one follower called her a “goddess” and “so sexy”.

Fans can’t get enough of Myers’ kindness!

Kindly Myers celebrates 'Thirsty Thursday' in sheer lingerie
Instagram | Please Myers

In another shot, Kindly showed definition in her toned muscles as she sat with her bare feet on a circular cowhide rug. She runs her hands through her long blonde hair, pushing it back and away from her face, as she tilts her chin toward the ceiling. Judging from the comments, fans were definitely thirsty after seeing this amazing footage!

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the ex-soldier flaunted her toned abs in a mini crop top for the Kentucky Derby party! Fans can check out those steamy shots by clicking here!



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