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Kroy releases Kim Zolciak’s banking data amid allegations

Credit: Curtis Mean/ACE Images/INSTARimages

Kroy Berman Allegedly, he was released Kim ZolciakBank statements in court after claiming she has a gambling problem and should undergo a psychiatric evaluation amid their contentious divorce.

the Don’t be late The couple is allegedly swimming in financial troubles with tax debts of $1.1 million. Later, reports emerged that Kim had accused Kroy of smoking marijuana, and claimed that she was worried about the well-being of their children.

According to court documents shared by @thegoodthebadandthefake6, via @bravosnarkside on Instagram, Kroy released bank statements allegedly showing Kim’s gambling.

The documents allegedly show multiple cryptocurrency purchases, and a fan shared a theory in the comments.

The rumor is that some online casinos accept crypto instead [US dollars]This allows them to bypass laws against online gambling,” wrote @simonstregis. “Can all cryptocurrency purchases be transferred to online casinos?”

Another fan speculated that many of the “returned product fees[s]It was actually bounced checks.

Another user pointed out that Kim made a $720 purchase from a plastic surgeon, which shocked many fans, considering the couple’s reported financial troubles.

There also seem to be overdraft fees and mystery purchases that can’t be verified.

Either way, the document appears to show Kroy fighting back after allegations were hurled at him recently. It’s too early to tell who will come out on top, though, as there are rarely any real “winners” in a contentious divorce battle.



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