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Maltese swimmer Mia Azobardi is stunning in a silver bikini

Mia Azopardi Bikini update shares!

The San Jose State Spartan has heated up her Instagram feed with a series of sizzling snaps. Azubardi soaked up the sunshine by the pool, wearing a tiny two-piece that bared her insanely proportionate body.

Silver bikini by Mia Azzopardi

Instagram | Mia Azopardi

As usual, the 20-year-old dressed impressively for the day in a silver bikini that showed off her bronzed tan. The set included a classic triangle-shaped top with padded cups and a plunging neckline that showcased her origins. It also has thin straps that show off Azzopardi’s toned arms and shoulders.

Her tummy was on full display between the matching bikini bottoms. The front side rode low enough to show off much of her flat stomach. Her sides popped high above the swimmer’s thighs in a cut that accentuated an hourglass shape, exposing her slim thighs. The strings were tied with bows on either side of her waist.

Mia Azobardi enjoying the sunshine

Mia Azobardi sitting on the edge of the pool, wearing a silver bikini.
Instagram | Mia Azopardi

Azzopardi added minimal accessories to her daily pool look, but apparently ditched the makeup to show off her natural beauty. She also wore her long, brown locks with a center part. Notably, her hair appeared to be damp, possibly from swimming.

And hit the Olympic athlete and lay in front of the pool overlooking a wonderful scene that includes the vast ocean and the clear blue sky. Despite the stunning scenery, it seemed like fans were only focused on Azzopardi and her bikini.

Mia Azobardi poses for a long screen presentation

Mia Azobardi sitting on the edge of the pool, wearing a silver bikini.
Instagram | Mia Azopardi

The first photo sees Azzopardi sitting on the edge of the pool at an angle sideways. Her right knee bent, she leaned back, and her left hand landed on the flat surface. Meanwhile, the swimmer placed her other hand on her head while smiling and closing her eyes.

On the second slide, Azobardi bent her other knee and raised her chin toward the sky. While leaning back, she used both her hands to support her body. A swipe to the right shows the stunner looking down at her body.

Enjoying summer back home

Mia Azzopardi pulls up her bikini bottoms.
Instagram | Mia Azopardi

According to the geotag, Azzopardi was at Café del Mar Malta.

The charming beach club offers a fantastic panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Maltese archipelago of the islands of St. Paul, Comino and Gozo, according to their LinkedIn profile.

Take advantage of likes and compliments

Mia Azzopardi poses for the camera while wearing a beige mini dress with cut-outs.
Instagram | Mia Azopardi

The photos prove to be very popular on the social networking site. They’ve got thousands of likes and dozens of comments since they posted on Instagram. Users took to the comments section to praise Azzopardi and express their admiration for her.

“Slaughter!! I love you so much you are perfect,” someone wrote.

Honestly, just stop. Another supporter pointed out that the ice caps are melting fast enough.

The third follower noted, “MYA HOLY MOLY HOT D-MN.”

The fourth commentator called Azzopardi “Goddess of Blessing”.

Mya Azzopardi lets everything hang

Mia Azobardi poses on the beach in a neon pink bikini.
Instagram | Mia Azopardi

Azzopardi’s ardent fans are used to seeing her sporting a gaunt look in her Instagram updates. As previously reported by The Blast, the Maltese beauty recently garnered a lot of attention on social media when she donned an impossibly tiny pink bikini while out in Sicily.



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