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Olivia Wilde broke protocol in a big way when attending Colton Underwood’s wedding

What is the number one rule of any wedding? Don’t wear white unless you’re married. At Colton Underwood’s wedding to political strategist Jordan C. Brown, actress and director Olivia Wilde broke this rule. Wilde appeared in a white silk Nellie Lotan gown and held an umbrella with the other wedding guests. “I only wore a wedding dress so I could make a joke about it in my toast,” the “Booksmart” manager joked about her forbidden outfit choice in an Instagram story, writing — “The grooms agreed” (via E! News).

So, what does Wilde have to do with Bachelor Nation, exactly? She has a long-standing friendship with former President Barack Obama’s campaign advisor and is even a regular guest star on his Instagram account. For reference, he’s also posted pics with stars like Dianna Agron and Sophia Bush — Brown has no shortage of famous connections.

Although both grooms supported Wilde’s choice of outfit, some fans weren’t so impressed. One TikTok user summed it up: “The internet says Olivia Wilde is the definition of a picky girl.” It is not unusual for a director to stir up controversy, especially after the drama “Don’t Worry My Love.” What’s more, this comes shortly after the Met Gala dress she wore was nearly identical to Vogue editor Margaret Zhang’s.

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