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Pat McAfee No Longer Giving F***s After ‘Million Dollar’ ESPN Deal Announced

Sports media mogul Pat McAfee is stepping away from a $120 million partnership with FanDuel and a new multi-million dollar deal with the world’s leading sports company, ESPN. Immense popularity Show Pat McAfee You move into a new home, the most family-friendly Disney-owned home on earth. So while McAfee says he’ll retain full creative control of the Daily Show fans have come to love, he admits he’ll have to give up one thing: the “f***” expletive.

Pat McAfee wanted out of his $120 million deal

Pat McAfee hosts “The Pat McAfee Show”. Mike Lowry/Getty Images

Sports talk show host Pat McAfee entered into a four-year, $120 million partnership with FanDuel just over a year ago (December 2021). However, as the former NFL hitman’s life got busier, McAfee began looking for a new home to show off that would take some of the work responsibilities from him.



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