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Prior to WWE’s involvement, Logan Paul and Nate Diaz were extremely close to agreeing to a fight

Former UFC champion Nate Diaz almost agreed to a boxing battle against Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul, before deciding to face Jake Paul. Zach Rosenfield, one of Diaz’s advisors, reportedly stated that he thought there had been a “very interesting and attractive offer” to Diaz to face Logan Paul, but the former MMA fighter lost interest in the proposition when WWE became involved, according to ESPN’s Marc Raimondi.


‘I just got out of the UFC’

“The WWE came in and then they wanted to take over the whole thing. And I’m like, ‘I just got out of the UFC, why am I going to sign with WWE?’ I fight for real. I’m not gonna be doing a real fight on a WWE card or no funny s–t like that.” Diaz expressed this opinion according to Marc Raimondi.

Paul with WWE

Logan Paul, who has a contract with WWE and has competed in a number of matches for the organization since earning his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 38 last year, dubbed Diaz’s defense a “weak cop-out” before adding, “You can still be a real fighter with the biggest sports organization in the world promoting your fight. It’s a little lame to me, and I can definitely sell more tickets. I see what he’s doing. I’m the harder fight. I’m the bigger brother, I’m the stronger brother, I’m the faster brother.”

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Diaz vs. Logan Paul

Raimondi claimed that Diaz vs. Logan Paul was “very close” to happening at the time when Logan told Jake that the match would take place before Diaz declined. Rather, Diaz and Jake Paul focused on one another, and their fight was scheduled for August 5. Diaz, a 38-year-old veteran who has competed in mixed martial arts for 21 years and has won matches against Conor McGregor, Anthony Pettis, and Tony Ferguson, is making his professional boxing debut.

Jake Paul in MMA

Jake Paul, 26, who made his professional debut in 2020 and is currently 6-1 with victories against former MMA stars like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva, has the advantage in experience when it comes to boxing. Regarding Logan Paul, he fought professionally in 2019 against fellow YouTuber KSI and then faced Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition fight in 2021, although lately he has been more interested in pro wrestling.

As Jake Paul and Diaz finally square off at SummerSlam on Saturday, Logan’s star, which has been rising in the WWE, might soar to new heights.

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