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Pump rules producer if raquel started reunion bomb

Vanderpump Rules project Alex Baskin It’s believed that the full cast of the Bravo reality show will return for its eleventh season, which is expected to go into production later this month.

During his podcast appearance on Wednesday, Alex teased what Season 11 could look like, indicating that he and his team will likely follow. Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix As they continue to live together in their post-“Scandoval” $2 million home, and admitting that Raquel Levis ‘Uneasy’ after filming the reunion – and before entering treatment for mental health concerns.

“I think she was struggling under the weight of the whole situation,” Alex confessed on the June 14 episode of I got it podcast via Rate My Bravo! on instagram.

like Pump rules Fans have seen. Last week, Raquel filmed an additional scene of her reunion after she decided to reveal the true timeline of her relationship with Sandoval, and the encounter they had at Sandoval and Ariana’s house when Ariana was out of town for her grandmother’s funeral.

It was six days after the reunion, and she was clearly more uneasy than she’d ever been. She’d started that conversation so she’d know, and sure enough, the showrunner, Jeremiah, was willing to make it happen and then put up a number for her. of specific follow-up questions,” Alex explained.

According to Alex, he didn’t know Raquel was going to film the extra moment, despite the conspiracy theory that he did.

“One of the conspiracy theories we’re dealing with, and there are a lot of them, is that it was staged somehow, or that it didn’t really happen after the reunion…because she was wearing the same wardrobe as ‘Worn Before,'” before adding, “We We match the cabinets. There is nothing to catch up with us there.”

Then, in another moment on the podcast, Alex confirmed that he expects the cast to “all be back.”

“I don’t know definitively because we kind of, you know, we understand that, but I think very strongly that they’re all coming back,” he said. “We’re documenting this group of friends. Right? And the public is expecting that they’re going to see the ramifications of this and they’re not just going to see the kind of detached camp you’re talking about or moving into a different phase of life… That’s what they want to see.”

Viewers would also like to see what really happens behind closed doors at Sandoval and Ariana’s residence.

“As of now, until the deal closes, Tom and Ariana share a home. So the reality is, we’re not going to catch the exact story, the real story, if we don’t cover that,” Alex noted. “I don’t have the hard and fast answers, but in many ways this group is stuck with each other anyway.”



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