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Rebel camp shock meets Sharad Pawar

“Sharad Pawar didn’t answer us, he just kept listening,” said Praful Patil. (traffic jam)


Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, who with several MLA loyalists recently rebelled against his uncle and NCP patriarch Sharad Pawar to join the BJP-led government in Maharashtra, today paid a surprise visit to the latter along with all the Congress ministers. national daily. Before the start of the monsoon session of the Maharashtra State Assembly.

“Today we are with our Lord and Commander Sharad Pawar to take his blessings,” Praful Patil said as the rebels walked out of the meeting.

“We came here without asking for any appointment. We understood that Sharad Pawar had come here for a meeting and that is why we all came here to take his blessings.”

Mr. Patel, a longtime confidant of the NCP chief, whose betrayal is said to have hurt Pawar the most, also said that he had asked Sharad Pawar to all respect him a lot but that the NCP should be together, and even should think properly about This matter. and help them in the future.

He said, “Sharad Pawar didn’t answer us, he just kept listening to what we said and after meeting him, we will come back.”

Ajit Pawar, after meeting with loyal NCP leaders at his Devgiri Bungalow, went to YB Chavan Cente to meet Sharad Pawar.

Jayant Patel, who was in a meeting with opposition parties before the monsoon session, was called to YB Chavhan by Supriya Sule.

The meeting was attended by all the nine MLAs who were sworn in along with Praful Patil and Sunil Tatkar. Sharad Pawar, Supriya Soli, Jayant Patel and Jitendra Uhad were also in attendance.

This was the first meeting between Sharad Pawar and the group led by Ajit Pawar after he rebelled against his uncle and joined the government of Eknath Shinde on 2 July.

Ajit Pawar also visited Silver Oak two days ago, the official residence of the National Congress Party, to meet his aunt Pratibha Pawar after she was discharged from hospital after surgery at Breach Candy Hospital in south Mumbai on Friday.

It is known that Ajit Pawar is close to his aunt Pratibha. In 2019, she was reported to have played a significant role in bringing him back into the fold of the NCP after he and Devendra Fadnavis formed a short-lived government after the assembly elections.

Known as “Khaki” among NCP leaders, Pratibha Pawar is known as the party’s lady but has never been active in politics.



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