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RHOBH’s Kathy Hilton interacts with Rinna Landing a Movie Role

Credit: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins, Charles Sykes/Bravo

Kathy Hilton She hosted a session on Instagram Live this week, where she apparently confirmed the end of her feud with her Lisa Rinna.

Same as before The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The cast member, who will not appear in the series’ thirteenth season, responded to Rinna landing a role in the new season of American Horror StoryShe also looked back on a tour she had with her sister Kyle Richards at a hair salon in Aspen, where their niece was, Whitney Davisrecently married Luke Graham White.

Cathy remembers Bravo Breaking News on instagram. “No music, I love it when you go get your hair done. I mean, it’s a special treat to get your hair done. I don’t want to feel like I’m in a nightclub.”

As Cathy prepares for Whitney’s big day, she realizes she’s not alone at the salon.

Confirming the girl was Kyle, Kathy revealed, “I see this girl washing her hair and she said, ‘This is my sister Kathy.'” I didn’t have my glasses on. I’m like, “Oh my God.” And we talked alone. It was really, really cool… So that kind of heated things up a little bit as well.”

like RHOBH Fans may have seen it, Kathy and Kyle also reunited on Kemo Sabe, where Kathy gave her an on-camera apology, saying their feud wasn’t her “fault.” Then they enjoyed karaoke night with their daughters.

Also during her live broadcast, such as Bravo Breaking News On Instagram, Kathy revealed that she will “definitely” be following Rinna on Instagram American Horror Story – She wishes her luck.

“I just got a role with Ryan Murphy [American Horror Story] … nothing but the best… I think that would be great for her. Everyone likes to be kept busy and she will do what she is… She loves acting and being busy so I will definitely watch her,” Cathy stated.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 is expected to premiere on Bravo later this year.



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