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Rosette chokers are having a moment

The rose necklace isn’t just for those with chic, French-inspired fits: With the right materials, a fresh, modern style can complement every fashion aesthetic. Silk and chiffon roses may be the most popular, but they aren’t the only materials that can be made into a blooming flower. Virtually any fabric can become a rose – from pleated denim to satin with rhinestones, the only limitation for a flower is your imagination.

One Instagram user took the fashion accessory trend into her own hands and made her own pink necklace. The baby blue yarn material is intricately woven into a detailed 3D rose, with a soft crochet choker wrapped around her neck to match. @alaurora_ paired her gorgeous creation with a pastel floral dress, a pair of gold butterfly earrings, and a soft, romantic make-up look. Its full feel is reminiscent of the popular cottagecore aesthetic that has been all the rage these past few years. The crochet version of this trendy accessory gives us a sense of whimsy and is the perfect addition to all quirky fashion subcultures from Fairycore to Coastal Granny.

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