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Scheana Shay on whether she sympathizes with Raquel after the reunion

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Shayna Shay He doesn’t seem to have sympathy for him Raquel Levisalthough she was frank about the dirty details of her relationship with her Tom Sandoval In the third part of Vanderpump Rules Reunion.

Before admitting that she has no sympathy for Raquel, who has been involved in a months-long relationship with her best friend Ariana MadixChyna’s boyfriend reacted to Raquel’s reunion bombshell when she shaded Raquel’s “vacant” and “weird” actions at the taping Andy Cohen He also looked back on the event.

Andy told Variety’s website making a scenenoting that he had a “very good reaction time” James KennedyMany attacks on Sandoval.

According to Andy, he and his team decided to shoot separate one-on-one interviews with Raquel, Sandoval, and Ariana because they were afraid the set wouldn’t allow “Tom and Raquel to finish any sentences or talk or think about it” if they only filmed as a full crew — or that “Raquel or Tom were They will leave and not come back.”

Looking back at the moment Raquel joined the reunion, Chyna said, “That look on Ariana’s face? Hoo, you can feel it. I don’t want to be on her bad side.”

However, despite her “anger”, Andy said Ariana was “level-headed”.

“It was so amazing,” he described.

As for Sandoval, Andy added, “That was a non-compensational situation for him, I really think. In terms of how he did — not great.”

Regarding Raquel’s performance, Chyna said she was emotionless.

“For her to sit there and see me cry, put her shoes on…and watch—a blank, vacant stare. The light’s on, nobody’s home. I mean, weird,” Chyna thought.

With filming for Season 11 set to begin in the coming weeks, Scheana said that “the producers cut the work out for them” when it came to getting the group together for group events. After all, Ariana said she wouldn’t be filming with Sandoval or Raquel.

“Look, Ariana is one thing,” Andy said. “But I don’t know that they wouldn’t have anything to do with principles. I also don’t think a lot of these people can help themselves from another opportunity to yell at Tom Sandoval and Raquel.”

After a trip to New York City last week, where they attended A.J Pump rules The watch party, Scheana, and Brock returned to Los Angeles, where TMZ caught up with them and asked Scheana if she had “any sympathy” for Raquel after watching her break down at the reunion, after which she entered therapy.

Chyna replied, “I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs.”

Then, when asked if they learned new information after watching the reunion, during which Raquel was candid about the timeline of her affair with Sandoval, Chyna admitted, “I don’t think so,” and Brooke agreed.

“No, that was about it. The surprise was…the truth, the whole truth wasn’t quite the truth,” he explained.

“[And] “We even knew what that was going to be,” Chyna added. “We heard from a lot of people at the wedding that they saw things. When it all came out, people were like, ‘So when we saw that at the wedding, it was weird.'”

Chyna went on to say that the fact that Sandoval and Raquel hooked up during her wedding week with Brooke in Mexico was “disgusting.”

Vanderpump Rules Filming for Season 11 is expected to begin later this month.



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