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Stephen Thompson calls for stronger consequences after fight cancellation

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson expressed his frustration and disappointment after his scheduled fight against Michel Pereira was canceled. Due to Pereira’s inability to make weight. Thompson is a seasoned veteran in the sport emphasized his commitment to fighting fairly and without games highlighting the importance of integrity and honor in the Thompson’s frustration stems from the fact that he underwent a full weight cut in preparation for the fight. Only for Pereira to miss weight and force the cancellation. This not only disrupts Thompson’s training and preparation but also leaves him in a state of limbo without a clear timeline for his next fight.

The 40-year-old welterweight contender shared his desire to compete at Madison Square Garden, targeting the UFC 295 event in November. Thompson has his sights set on returning to familiar territory and facing a top-named opponent, hoping to bounce back from the recent setback.

Stephen Thompson calls for stronger consequences after fight cancellation

However, Thompson made it clear that he won’t be giving Michel Pereira another chance for a fight. Despite having previously given Pereira the opportunity. Thompson believes that fighters should have integrity and honor when it comes to making weight. He voiced his opinion that there should be more severe consequences for fighters who fail to meet weight requirements. He suggested that the current penalties might not be sufficient to deter such behavior.

Thompson’s frustration is reflective of a broader concern within the MMA community about weight-cutting issues. Fighters missing weight not only disrupt fight cards and disappoint fans but also put their opponents in a challenging situation. Thompson’s call for stronger consequences echoes the sentiments of many fighters who believe that stricter measures need to be in place to ensure the integrity of the sport.

The cancellation of the Thompson vs Pereira fight serves as a reminder of the physical and mental toll that weight-cutting can have on fighters. Thompson’s point about needing time to recover after a full weight cut highlights the importance of ensuring fighters’ well-being and safety.

As Thompson looks forward to his next opportunity. He remains resolute in his commitment to fair competition and maintaining his own integrity as a fighter. While the disappointment of the canceled fight is undoubtedly frustrating. Thompson’s determination to return stronger and face deserving opponents shows his unwavering dedication to his craft.

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