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Sylvester Stallone calls family docuseries ‘original’

Sylvester Stallone highlights the uniqueness of his family’s new docu-series!

Fame is no stranger to the Stallons, whose patriarch dominates the big screen with iconic roles and his wife Jennifer Flavin, a well-known figure in the fashion industry. However, as the couple and their three daughters prepare to share their lives with viewers, they’re aiming to stay true to themselves rather than imitating the Kardashian family’s successful formula.

Sylvester Stallone contrasts series of family documents with ‘The Kardashians’ confirming authenticity

After starring in hugely successful movies like ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rambo’, the famous actor is taking on a different role, this time as himself. In the upcoming series, “The Family Stallone,” the 76-year-old will take center stage alongside his wife and their daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlett.

The show takes a unique approach as a documentary series rather than a typical reality show, offering an authentic glimpse into their lives. At the premiere on Wednesday, May 17, they opened up about the challenges of being in front of the camera, including the three-time Oscar nominee’s role in guiding his daughters through the ups and downs of their romantic relationships.

Instagram | Jennifer Flavin Stallone

Speaking with Cassie DeLaura of ETHe expressed his excitement at making the transition from the big screen to the small screen and acknowledged the opportunity to embrace their current notoriety.

Flavin confirmed that nothing was shown in the series, expressing her intention to avoid contrived situations. She stated that the show is not about excessive drama or manufactured conflicts, saying, “I wanted to show people real-life things that happen.”

Viewers of “The Family Stallone” can expect to witness a wide range of experiences, including the award-winning star’s involvement in his daughters’ romantic lives. Sofia shared that her dad gives the best dating advice, while her mom revealed that he even writes breakup texts.

Unabashedly, he admitted his part, saying, “Guilty. I am a good writer.” However, his tendency to include the catchphrase, “keep punching,” was noticed by Sistine, who revealed that she removes that part from the letters.

While expressing confidence in the show’s longevity, they made it clear that they don’t aim to emulate the long-running Kardashian family reality series. They acknowledge the success of the Kardashians: “They did it right. It works for them, and there would be no point in copying them.” Sylvester declared that they focus on authenticity, adding, “Because that’s who we are.”

The ‘First Blood’ star opens up about brief separation from wife

Despite being one of the entertainment industry’s most stable couples, the couple surprised fans when Flavin filed for divorce last August, bringing an end to their nearly two-decade marriage.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin at the UK premiere of The Expendables 2

However, a month later, they again stunned the public with reconciliation. bang He reported that afterward, Stallone shed light on the entire experience, which he described as a “very troubled time”.

Reports indicated that they are heading into a contentious legal battle to divide their joint assets. However, through private and honest conversations, they reconcile their differences.

In an interview with (The Sunday Times), the “Demolition Man” actor indicated that during this stage, he engaged in deep self-reflection, realizing the importance of prioritizing his presence for his family above all other obligations.

According to (Yahoo), he said: “There was an awakening again to what is more valuable than anything else, which is my love for my family. It takes precedence over my work, and that was a hard lesson to learn.”

On what brought the beloved couple to the brink of separation, The Blast He shared that the rocky period followed Stallone’s purchase of a Rottweiler shortly after their 25th wedding anniversary.

Although Dwight was intended to be an extra protection for their home, the main problem came when the “Cliffhanger” star got a dog tattoo to cover his wife’s face. This reportedly angered the model so much that she filed for divorce just one day after seeing the ink.

However, what started as a point of contention developed into something heart-warming as the Rottweiler became such an integral part of the family that even his wife was fond of canine companions despite her initial reservations about the purchase.



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