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Taking apart the Pixel Fold reveals the guts of Google’s $1,800 phone

The Pixel Fold is one of the most complex Google devices ever, but what does it look like on the inside? The Pixel line doesn’t get much love from iFixit (despite the official partnership), but PBK Reviews remains a reliable source for timely teardowns of Google’s latest phones.

As usual, the Pixel Fold is glued together, so you’ll have to heat the back cover and front screen, then peel everything off. The camera side of the device houses most of the normal phone components, such as the three cameras, SoC, storage, modem, bottom speaker, USB-C port, and also squeezes in a 1489mAh battery. The other side is mostly battery, with a large 3,332mAh battery, external display camera, haptic feedback rocker, earpiece, and SIM tray.

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There doesn’t seem to be much room for repair. The USB-C port is on the motherboard, so it will be hard to replace. PBK Reviews didn’t even attempt to take off the flexible screen because of the “high probability of damaging or breaking the screen,” but that there’s only supposedly a large sheet of metal underneath it. With all parts removed, you can see how the two sides connect as a series of ribbon cables wind their way through the hinge.

Next up for the Pixel Fold on the repair front is Google’s partnership with iFixit, which should see the launch of an official parts store for the phone. Then we can know the cost of the new flexible screen and the official guides for its replacement. It’s unclear how long it will take to launch the parts store. Google and iFixit haven’t released parts of the Pixel 7a yet, and that phone launched in May.

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