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The 10 greatest moments in AEW history

Since its founding in June 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has become a refreshing alternative to WWE, prioritizing in-ring action rather than relying heavily on backstage gimmicks and “sports entertainment”. While AEW emphasizes athletic prowess and fierce competition, it isn’t shy about incorporating humor and entertainment into its programming.

In a short period of time, AEW has delivered countless raucous moments that have fans laughing out loud. From fun promotions to backstage clips and even moments from the matches themselves, AEW has proven they know how to entertain their fans. Now let’s dive into the top 10 comedic moments in AEW history and highlight the aspect of the promotion that had fans laughing and having fun.

10. The Unbreakable Wardlaw: A moment of brutality and defiance

Throughout the annals of AEW Dynamite history, there have been memorable, memorable moments that left an impression on fans. One such moment came in the ongoing feud between Cody Rhodes and MJF, where the stakes were raised to a new level of brutality. It all started with MJF beating Cody mercilessly, punishing him with 10 painful lashes. Fast forward to a new chapter in the rivalry, and history repeated itself when the MJF ordered his Wardlaw enforcer to suffer the same painful punishment.

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What made this moment really cool was Wardlaw’s reaction. Unlike Cody, who sells his pain with utmost conviction, Wardlaw does the unexpected. When his eyelashes fell, he smiled with a restless gaze and unyielding determination. The crowd couldn’t help but be captivated by Wardlaw’s brave reaction as they cemented the MJF as one of the best heels of all time.

9. Le Diner Debonaire: A comedic victory that resonated with wrestling fans

When Chris Jericho and MJF shared their first promotional exchange since Full Gear 2019, fans were instantly blown away by their undeniable chemistry, leaving them wanting more. Fast forward a year later and they meet again after the disappointing results at All Out 2020. With MJF looking to join a stable and Jericho looking to regain his power in AEW, their battle of wits takes an unexpected turn, leading to a dinner date. Unlike anything we see in wrestling.

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Le Dinner Debonair became a comedy masterpiece that drew from the musical background of MJF and Chris Jericho, and earned a well-deserved MJF Best of 2020 nomination from The New York Times. Personal opinion aside, the clip undoubtedly made a lasting impression on viewers, each affected in their own unique way. Le Dinner Debonair proved AEW’s willingness to push boundaries, showing the company’s commitment to fun and interesting moments.

8. Executioner Returns: AEW Dynamite’s exciting anniversary return

At AEW Dynamite’s exciting 2nd Anniversary show, the wrestling world witnessed the long-awaited return of former Tag Team Champion Adam “The Executioner”. Despite his absence due to paternity leave, Page made a powerful statement as the mysterious seventh entrant in the casino ladder race.

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Page showed his unparalleled skill and determination to deliver a stunning wink at the PAC, crashing through the table and pushing John Moxley up the ladder. He took the casino chips and secured a place in the World Championships with his former friend and partner Kenny Omega. The Executioner’s return excited the fans and began an exciting battle for the prestigious title.

Jason (credit: @jasonsgod23)


7. The Omega Betrayal: Controversial victory over Moxley

The long-running rivalry between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley finally came to a head during AEW’s “Winter Is Coming” event. With the AEW World Championship looming, Omega and Moxley engaged in a tough, tough match. However, a shocking twist comes in the form of Omega’s betrayal.

Shockingly, Omega’s former mentor, Don Callis, gave him the microphone which Omega used mercilessly to pummel Moxley to a decisive 1-2-3 victory. Seeing Omega and Callis quickly leave the scene left fans stunned and hungry for answers. The aftermath of this horrific betrayal, and the master plan she uncovers at another company’s trade show, promises to redefine the landscape of professional wrestling.

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6. AEW’s resilience: Unforgettable moments in a pandemic

The world is grappling with the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 virus, and the absence of fans on set is deeply felt. However, AEW advanced at Dilly’s Place in Jacksonville when Cody Rhodes entered the ring to address the crowd directly. In these troubled times, AEW aims to provide a much needed escape from the chaos around us. Although the stage was empty, the spirit of unity prevailed.

A fragmented elite has banded together to show resilience in the face of adversity. Brody Lee caused a stir in the wrestling world with his debut as the top level of the Dark Order. Finally, Matt Hardy’s sensational arrival as an elite contender against the Inner Circle ended the show and left an indelible mark. AEW’s ability to deliver memorable debuts, solid promotions, and exciting in-house action demonstrates their unwavering commitment to excellence even during a global pandemic.

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5. CM Punk and MJF’s verbal fiery clash

When CM Punk took on QT Marshall, hardly anyone expected the verbal fireworks that would ignite between Punk and MJF. When MJF entered the ring, he got into an argument with the legendary CM Punk. Their exchange quickly escalated into a borderline rap battle, with Punk calling MJF the “least popular Miz” and MJF retaliating by calling Punk “soft” and accusing him of being an asshole. Tension builds when MJF brings out John Cena and Triple H. Although limited to words, the confrontation left an indelible mark as one of the most memorable openings in AEW history.

4. The Rhodes Brothers Unite

The match between Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes at Double Or Nothing 2019 was a masterpiece that showcased their wrestling skills. However, it was the post-match promo that marked a profound moment in AEW history. After their intense fight, Cody takes the mic and gives a heartfelt speech acknowledging the importance of their meeting.

He announced his next tag team match against the Young Bucks, stating that he didn’t need a partner or a friend, he needed his older brother by his side. The crowd broke down crying as the Rhodes brothers embraced, cementing the partnership that would last throughout Cody’s tenure with All Elite Wrestling. It was an emotionally connected moment that touched fans and symbolized the strength of family ties in the world of professional wrestling.

Jason (credit: @jasonsgod23)
Jason (credit: @jasonsgod23)

3. Rose vs. Baker: The Female Confrontation

The rivalry between Thunder Rosa and Brett Baker in AEW’s women’s division was fueled by criticism and a search for recognition. The bitter feud culminated in Dynamite’s special St. Patrick’s Day Slam in 2021, making history as the first all-female Light Out match and main event in AEW. Rosa and Baker delivered a groundbreaking performance, hosting one of the largest women’s matches in North American history.

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The fight was a bloody, emotionally charged, and physically intense match. When Rosa triumphed, Baker’s scarlet mask became an iconic image, catapulting her to even greater stardom. This groundbreaking match revolutionized AEW’s women’s division and established Rosa and Baker as formidable powers in the wrestling world.

2 – Danielson vs. Draw the time limit for Omega

In a rare event, Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega engaged in a 30-minute wrestling battle that left the crowd in awe. Despite Omega’s efforts, he was unable to beat Danielson, resulting in a time limit draw. Slower play may have been but the two giants put in an enthralling performance full of shots and tried to reach the finals. The fans embraced this epic match, showing their appreciation for the amazing display of skill and determination. While neither Danielson nor Omega were victorious, their rivalry demonstrated their prowess and solidified their status as wrestling legends.

1- Remembering Brody Lee: A touching tribute to the wrestling icon

At the age of forty-one, Brodie Lee passed away, shocking the entire wrestling community. In his honor, AEW hosted a celebration of life that was a touching tribute to the beloved wrestler. The most emotional moment occurred at the end of the event when Lee’s wife and son entered the ring. CEO Tony Khan donned Lee’s wrestling shoes and purple bandana and presented him with the TNT Championship, immortalizing it as the “TNT Championship for Life”. This heart-warming gesture brought everyone to tears as they watched the wrestling icon’s enduring legacy.

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