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The 10 most unlikely heroic moments from the franchise

The thing about unexpected heroic moments is that they can come from iconic heroes or an old antagonist and still have an interesting impact on the story. Harry Potter is the protagonist, but there are times when he’s surprisingly willing to let go of his feelings long enough to give someone else an unexpected reprieve they don’t deserve. Longtime classmates or underappreciated classmates get bonus moments they’ve earned over the years, and the introduction of several characters gives them an unexpected heroic moment that adds depth and stakes to the overall events of the story.

Even characters who barely figured in the narrative, like Aberforth Dumbledore and Narcissa Malfoy, had the chance to deliver heroic moments in the final moments of the franchise. Underrated characters and unexpected injuries are two of the biggest drawbacks of the recent installments Harry Potter series. While not all villains who perform a heroic act are granted arcs of salvation, these moments added another layer to their personalities and proved that there is more to them than anyone originally thought. The unlikely moments of heroism are just as important as the expected ones; The ones that no one expected would end up saving lives or playing a big role in the overall narrative ended up being one of the most important parts.

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10 Ron opens the Chamber of Secrets

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Since only the Serpent’s Mouth was supposed to be able to open the Chamber of Secrets, proving Ron otherwise was a moment of great heroism for him. Ron needs entry to reach the Basilisk’s tusk to destroy the vitreous, impersonating Harry Parceltongo in his sleep and successfully opening the door.

This gives Ron and Hermione a chance to get hold of one of the few things that can ruin a vigil. Ron remembers that going to the Chamber of Secrets for the Basilisk Tusks is crucial to gaining his intelligence and strategic thinking. He provides evidence of his importance to the trio.

9 Neville kills Nagini

Harry Potter Neville's sword
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Constantly underrated, Neville Longbottom wasn’t given much to talk about for a long time. He was not considered superior in magic and was considered reasonable for most of his career at Hogwarts. While Neville showed his loyalty to Harry by joining the Ministry battle, it was never clear that Neville would receive a heroic reward. but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows changes.

Not only was Neville in command of Dumbledore’s Army when Harry, Ron, and Hermione escaped, but he’s also responsible for standing up to Voldemort and killing Nagini during the Battle of Hogwarts. Giving Neville a hero after years of showing him unlucky in magic showed how war changed him.

8 Molly Weasley kills Bellatrix Lestrange

Harry Potter Molly Weasley
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For most of the series, Molly Weasley was a frantic wife and mother who was constantly afraid of and worried about her family. She was one of the first people to show Harry’s fatherly kindness and was always glad to have him at Burrow and immediately welcomed him into the family. But there was no indication that Molly’s role was much more than that. But with the Battle of Hogwarts raging and Bellatrix pointing her wand at Ginny, Molly won’t stand there and watch her daughter die. Molly intervenes and drives Bellatrix away, walking away from the winner.

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7 Hedwig saves Harry

Harry Potter Hedwig
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Hedwig was one of Harry’s most consistent and loyal companions. But the last thing Hedvika should have experienced is a moment of heroism. She was an old friend who could have continued her journey if she hadn’t helped save Harry. Hedwig’s sacrifice keeps Harry alive and is one of the most devastating moments in the series. Hedwig’s death may also be one of the most symbolic and tragic events in the franchise.

6 Draco will not confirm Harry’s identity

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Draco
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After years of constant interaction at Hogwarts, it shouldn’t be hard for Draco to recognize Harry, even with Hermione’s curse on his face. Draco spent years bullying Harry and trying to make him miserable. But when the time finally comes for Draco’s hatred for Harry to die, he can’t accept it.

Instead, Draco refuses to confirm Harry’s identity, and although Harry, Ron, and Hermione are still imprisoned and tortured at Malfoy Manor, Draco is not responsible for bringing Voldemort to their doorstep.

5 Aberforth Dumbledore comes to help in the battle

Aberforth Dumbledore in Harry Potter
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Even though Aberforth tells Harry, Ron, and Hermione that he believes Voldemort has already won the war, he still arrives at Hogwarts to help defeat the Death Eaters. He saw Harry through the magic mirror and asked Dobby to come and save him. It is not easy to wage war against Voldemort and the Death Eaters. However, Aberforth still allows himself to try and help, despite the bad blood between him and Albus.

4 Snape protects Harry, Ron and Hermione from Remus’ wolf transformation

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Hermione, Ron, Snape and Harry
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While the novel and film’s depiction of this moment does not go the same way, in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanSnape has a heroic moment that revolves around instinct. He doesn’t have time to think about it, just a second to react. He goes when the effects of the full moon hit Remus, forcing him to turn into a werewolf in front of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

As Sirius transforms into his beastmage form, a giant black dog, to try to get Remus to follow him, once Snape realizes what’s going on, he lunges in front of the three teens. Although not much in the long run, he still acknowledges the layers of his personality.

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3 Harry let’s live better

Peter Pettigrew
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Harry doesn’t have to let Peter Pettigrew live. Not many people would likely blame Harry if he took revenge on him and let Wormwood die with a frightful kiss. But Harry is not a killer, and neither are Sirius and Remus. Harry saves Peter to prevent Sirius and Remus from becoming murderers, but keeping Peter alive may also help free Sirius from a life of fugitive and prisoner.

Although things do not go as he would like, Harry’s decision to spare Peter backfires when Wormwood realizes he owes Harry his life and kills himself at Malfoy Manor to allow Harry and Ron to escape.

2 Hermione overlooks her parents

Ministry of Harry Potter Hermione
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Hermione makes one of the most important sacrifices in a desperate attempt to save her parents from becoming victims of war. Hermione knows that her relationship with Harry is no secret in the wizarding world and that being a mulatto has become even more dangerous. Hermione, realizing the danger she is in, tries to save her parents from a deadly fate. Erasing their memories of her and sending her off with a new identity allows them to live freely elsewhere without being tracked.

1 Narcissa Malfoy lies to Voldemort

Narcissa Malfoy _ Harry Potter
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Voldemort’s Death Eaters aren’t as loyal as he’d hoped, and there’s another Malfoy family member willing to turn his back on him. Instead of examining Harry’s corpse himself, Voldemort sent Narcissa Malfoy to do so, but her ulterior motives and loyalty cost Voldemort everything. When Narcissa realizes Harry is still alive, she does him the favor of lying about him after subtly confirming that Draco is still alive in the fight. Choosing Narcissa to help keep Harry covered will allow him to end the war.



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