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The 9 Most Horror Punk Rock Movies – Movies Daily

within limits horror typeThere are different subgenres that make up different categories for this specific group of films. Horror is very versatile and can be twisted in many ways so that viewers can enjoy the content without repeating themselves. What’s really cool is when movies focus on music and combine a subgenre with a specific type of music. Like a punk rock horror movie. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – films about bands and people who make, enjoy, and dabble in punk rock.

It’s a great mix of heavy music and perfectly timed horror, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check these movies out. Here are nine punk rock horror movies.

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9 American Devil (2017)

Sumerian movies

Something really cool about this movie is that the main character, Johnny Faust, is played by Andy Biersack, the lead singer of the metal band Black Veil Brides. Not only that, but Ben Barnes played Leo Donovan and is the actual lead guitarist for the band Asking Alexandria. American Devil It follows The Relentless who wants fame more than anything else and decides to make a deal with the devil. As expected, things started to go very badly for the band members.

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8 The Green Room (2015)

Scene from the green room
And the twenty-fourth day

green room It’s a slow-burn horror movie that fills you with a certain kind of dread as the plot progresses. Desperate for money and a band, a band called Ain’t Rights ends up playing in a neo-Nazi skinhead bar. It’s not a perfect place, of course, but they’re desperate, so they agree. After the show, the band is held hostage in the green room and one bad thing after another happens. It featured an amazing cast including Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat, and Sir Patrick Stewart.

7 Class of 1984 (1982)

Impulse 1984 movie
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Class of 1984 It is a horror movie that will make you feel uncomfortable with the content and you will not feel very afraid of what appears on the screen. Perry King plays a new music teacher at a not-so-great school who doesn’t know that the school is run by a group of rockers. end Class of 1984 This is where the intense and possibly sexy gang rape scene reaches its climax, so use your judgment. Also, young Michael J. Fox is great as Arthur, so if you’re a fan of him, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

6 Dolls (1986)

Brides 1987
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If you think a punk rock movie needs a rock show, an exception can be made for this classic idiots. You’re trapped from the start when a family gets stranded during a storm and seeks refuge in a haunted mansion. They arrive to discover that the homeowners are dollmakers, and surprise, surprise – they’re not actually dolls! They are the people that the doll-maker and his wife have turned into porcelain dolls. idiots It is very complex and once you watch it you will understand why it is a cult classic.

5 Driller (1979)

1979 horror film Digger Killer by Abel Ferrara
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When a horror movie gets banned, you know it’s either really good or outright terrible. Maybe both. drilling operator First, Sick Name is about a guy who lives next door to a band called Rooster. He is an artist himself, but not musically inclined, and clearly hates his neighbours.

Over time, he loses his mind to the constantly playing music. Naturally, he becomes the Driller Killer and ends up killing several homeless people by digging into their heads. It’s bloody, over the top, and banned from 1984 to 1999.

4 Sleepover Party Massacre 2 (1987)

Massacre at the Smiling Party 2
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If you mean the first Slumber party massacre It was a camera, you obviously haven’t seen the sequel. As the sole survivor from the first film, Courtney now has a team and someone who looks exactly like the original killer follows him. The killer has a bright red electric guitar that has a long, semi-realistic drill on the end.

This is a really fun horror movie that plays slasher cheese. To make it even better, the movie includes a musical number, because there is, of course.

3 Repo Man (1984)

A scene from Repo Man
Edge City Productions

repo man It plays more in the sci-fi genre than horror, but it still deserves a spot on this list. Emilio Estevez is great as Otto, a punk rocker who works as an employee at a supermarket. Otto becomes involved with aliens running in Chevrolets and discovers that he is supposed to be a “repo man” and has an interest in Celestials. What makes this horror comedy so great is the soundtrack that features the likes of Circle Jerks, The Plugz, Black Flag, Iggy Pop, and more.

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2 Return of the Walking Dead (1985)

Tarman in Return of the Living Dead
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It was a huge success in Dan O’Bannon’s directorial debut The return of the living dead. It’s a great story about a zombie apocalypse started by two friends messing around in a lab. O’Bannon is credited with starting the idea of ​​zombies willing to eat brains, and without that fact, who knows where the zombie lore would be today? The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, featuring elements from The Cramps, 45 Grave, The Flesh Eaters, and The Damned.

1 The Lost Boys (1987)

A scene from The Lost Boys
Warner Bros.

The lost boys, a play about the lost boys from the Peter Pan stories, isn’t full of horror if you’re watching it in 2023. Still, the movie had plenty of ’80s influence and spooky moments. A group of angry vampires from the likes of Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman and Billy Wirth.

It’s a fun adventure that follows two brothers moving to a new town in California and mingling with a girl who’s already promised to become a vampire. From there it will be a fight for survival as they go several rounds with the gang.



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