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The Largest Investment Proposal for Startups in Eastern Europe — €780K from Leading Investors

In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the startup ecosystem in Eastern Europe, How to Web Conference 2023 is unveiling an investment prize of unprecedented scale — €780.000. This investment prize, which stands as the largest in Eastern Europe and ranks second across the European startup landscape, marks a significant milestone in the region’s startup community progress.

The How to Web’s Spotlight program and competition, renowned for its commitment to fostering innovation and propelling startups to success, is set to provide the founders of 40 early-stage startups with game-changing benefits:

A Shot at the Record Investment Prize: The record-breaking investment prize of €780.000 is a testament to the How to Web Conference’s commitment to propelling startups to unprecedented heights. Credo Ventures, SMOK Ventures, Fiedler Capital, Underline Ventures, Fortech Investments, SeedBlink, and super angels have joined forces, combining their expertise and resources to create an investment prize that promises to redefine the startup narrative in the region.

They have invested in companies such as Romanian unicorn UiPath, Vue Storefront, one of the most famous fraud recognition companies – Seon, the video-marketing platform Videowise and many other successful companies.

Spotlight is an incredible opportunity for startup founders to connect with some of the best funds and the brightest operators from Europe. We are excited to give them even more reasons and to join Spotlight’s award as an investment partner, along with an amazing line-up of regional funds,says Bogdan Iordache, General Partner at Underline Ventures.

Matchmaking and 1:1 Mentoring with Investors and Experts: One of the central parts of the Spotlight program is to connect with experienced mentors, accomplished business leaders, and savvy investors who hold a deep understanding of the startup and innovation scene. These invaluable connections can provide matchless insights and guidance to steer startups toward their desired outcomes. A sneak peek at the experts who are eager to have a chat with the ambitious founders includes: Ryan Singer — Author of “Shape Up”, and one of the pioneers in product building, with 17+ years at Basecamp; Darren Chait, Head of Growth Marketing at Calendly; Janna Bastow,  CEO & Co-Founder ProdPad; Zachary Gleicher, Applied Product Manager at Google DeepMind; Stephanie Musat, Senior Staff Product Manager at Warner Bros. Discovery; Cristian Pațachia-Sultănoiu, Development & Innovation Manager at Orange Romania; Horia Velicu, Head of Innovation Lab at BRD – Groupe Société Générale; Mihnea Crăciun, Managing Director at Endeavor Romania; Nicoleta Proștean, Representative for Romania at Vienna Business Agency; Eoin McGuinness, Head of Startups at HubSpot; Ruxandra Muys-Stoian, Co-Founder WIT Angels Club, and many more.

Master on Stage Pitching: Founders will have the unique opportunity to grab the attention of everyone attending the How to Web Conference. Selected entrepreneurs will pitch on stage and thus gain insights into investor expectations, access to potential funding avenues that can fuel rapid growth, and refine their pitching skills.

Product Showcase: With a half-day booth in the How to Web Conference Expo Area, startups will be at the intersection of everyone attending the conference to showcase their innovative products and services to a carefully targeted audience. This platform serves as a springboard for forging partnerships and collaborations that can amplify a startup’s trajectory.

The main benefit for the top 40 startups selected in the Spotlight program and competition is the matchmaking and 1:1 mentoring with investors and experts, while the top 20 will master the on-stage pitching and get a booth in the expo area. For all those who don’t make it to the top 40, the organizers will qualify them for 50% discount tickets to attend the conference.

Entrepreneurs with an eye on the future are encouraged to act swiftly, as the application deadline is set for August 31. The application criteria include having an early-stage startup, less than 5 years old, and with less than €700k fundraised. For more details and application, visit the website’s dedicated page: https://www.howtoweb.co/spotlight-2023/

The How to Web 2023 Conference, which hosts Spotlight, is built in partnership with Orange Romania, BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Underline Ventures, and Google for Startups, with the support of Endeavor, Vienna Business Agency, HubSpot for Startups and WIT Angels Club.



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