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The new PokéStop Showcase feature in Pokémon Go adds local leaderboards

Popular mobile game Pokémon Go was present at Summer Game Fest 2023, and Niantic gave attendees a preview of PokéStop Showcases, an upcoming feature. During Summer Game Fest, if you’ve been on social media, you might have noticed this feature spread all over the Los Angeles venue.

On June 10, Niantic confirmed several important details about this new mechanic, including how it works as a local leaderboard and offers rewards for participation. If you need more information about the new PokéStop Showcase feature in Pokémon Go, it adds local leaderboards, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

The new PokéStop Showcase feature in Pokémon Go adds local leaderboards:

Niantic is still considering options to improve the local out-and-play experience as well, though things like Shadow Raids and various events bring the entire Pokémon Go community together in different ways. PokéStop Showcases are just one of many brand new features the team is releasing this summer. They will serve as a “lightweight” local leaderboard for players who want to show their best side.

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“This ostentatious spirit has always been a part of the franchise,” said Alex Moffitt, Senior Product Manager, Pokémon Go. “We’re very light on leaderboards and outright competition in the game, and that’s intentional. We know this happens outside of the game between groups of friends, where everyone finds creative ways to compete. So we thought, what if we add a little bit of that spirit to the game itself.”

Nearly seven years after its initial release, developers understand that the “heart and soul” of Pokémon Go is the pursuit of different Pokémon. Friends and players’ comparisons of their new catch, whether online or after an outing, goes hand in hand with this.

These exhibitions will be held at select PokéStops, and Niantic will use them to encourage friendly competition and highlight a few Pokémon. The focus of each show will be on a specific Pokémon, although there may be more than one going on at a time.

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There’s also a category of their own, starting with sizes like Who Has the Biggest Litten, which also ties in with the addition of XXL and XXS sized Pokémon to the game last December, though each offering only features one type – at least at launch).

The leaderboards for PokéStop Showcases will not be permanent; Instead, it will appear around events and other seasonal events for a brief period. Everyone who enters a Pokémon into the Showcase will also be awarded rewards, such as Stardust, XP, and items that match your final rank in the ranking, such as rewards such as Stardust, XP, and items.

When playing Pokémon Go, it will also be easy to find PokéStops because they will be popular and automatically have a “Showcase Medallion” above PokéStops that have an active display, according to Niantic. Players can exchange a Pokémon they drop in a show for another at any time, even if they are no longer near a PokéStop and new medals will be added specifically for this feature.


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