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The Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Women Outshine The Men (Yet Again)

Too Hot To Handle season 5 has dropped eight episodes so far, but once again, the women on the show are outranking the men when it comes to looks, maturity, emotional intelligence, and growth. Too Hot To Handle is a show that focuses on attractiveness as cast members are selected based on their good looks and desire to hook up and are then challenged to reform their player ways. However, Too Hot To Handle women consistently outrank the men season after season, and THTH season 5 is no exception.



While all cast members join Too Hot To Handle expecting nonstop parties and are then shocked to discover they have to instead refrain from physical connections, the women tend to adapt to the show better. Countless relationships, including those between Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey, Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony, and even villains Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, saw the women shaping up first and the men being reluctant to drop their player ways. Even beloved couple Emily Miller and Cam Holmes saw Emily changing before Cam. Too Hot To Handle season 5 once again provides the ladies with men who are beneath them on multiple levels.

The Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Men Are Dull

Too Hot To Handle season 5 might be generating interest, but the women are working harder to draw viewers. Cast members Alex Snell and Hunter LoNigro come across as painfully dull, as neither of them can hold a meaningful conversation, and Hunter can’t even muster up basic-level banter. Uninspired banker Isaac Francis and semi-pro footballer Louis Russell both showed from the start that they are not looking to reform their player ways, while Isaac struggles with loyalty and Louis can’t grasp the concept of stability. Rounding out the original male cast is Dre Woodard, the seasoned cop who isn’t focused on building any connections and is only there for the money.

The Too Hot To Handle Women Are Always The Stars

Many cast members have become famous thanks to the first four seasons of Too Hot To Handle. While Harry is a social media sensation, this pales in comparison to the fame of his ex Francesca. The truth is that Too Hot To Handle women consistently outrank the men when it comes to popularity. Francesca remains the most followed cast member of all time, while Emily pulled away as the Too Hot To Handle season 2 breakout star.

Meanwhile, Georgia Hassarati took away the biggest fame from Too Hot To Handle season 3 as she commanded the house. Lastly, Kayla Richart became the Too Hot To Handle season 4 star. When her partner Seb Melrose posts solo photos, he has around 18K likes, though his posts with Kayla bring him a whopping quarter of a million likes, though Kayla can pull 100K likes on her own.

Women Tend To Show More Maturity Quicker On Too Hot To Handle

When it comes to Too Hot To Handle, the women are always gorgeous, and the men are more mediocre. While every season has some standouts, this appears to be the consensus, as the women are often left searching for a connection while men fight over them, with THTH season 5 star Louis being the exception. Meanwhile, women tend to mature far faster than guys.

While the men are almost always tempted by new arrivals and flirty talks, such as the infamous love triangle involving Creed McKinnon, the women tend to decide they are ready for commitment and loyalty. Despite this, more men tend to win Too Hot To Handle and become finalists since they have more room for improvement.



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