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The worst dressed stars at the world premiere of Barbie

Fans have always been divided on Billie Eilish’s sense of style, and Eilish gave viewers even more fodder when she attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Barbie.” The singer-songwriter was one of the few artists chosen to be featured on the soundtrack to the movie “Barbie”. Interestingly, she was dressed more like Barbie in the song’s music video than in the movie’s world premiere.

For the event, Eilish wore an oversized pale pink striped button-down shirt with a purple tie, oversized black pants, slouchy socks, and oversized sneakers. The look was more reminiscent of her vintage outfits than the more glamorous looks she’s tried out in recent years, like her gown at the 2022 Met Gala. Although her “Barbie” premiere is appropriately old-school Eilish, we have to say we were smitten with her new stylistic direction. , and that didn’t quite fit the bill. This is surprising considering that Eilish has a deep connection to Barbie.

As reported by Rolling Stone, she told her brother Phineas on the pink carpet, “Like everyone else, Barbie has been living day and night. I loved all my Barbies. I had them do crazy things with each other and all that stuff — not to be weird. But yeah.” I love my Barbie.” Eilish also revealed that she’s a fan of ‘Mermaidia’ and ‘Fairytopia’ — and we could have lovable To see her in something inspired by one of the old Barbie animated movies.

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