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To catch 5 thieves seen on camera, Delhi Police has taken 1,600 into custody

Delhi Police came under fire for the robbery that took place in broad daylight in Pragati Maidan

New Delhi:

Caught up in the daytime robbery in Pragati Maidan, sources said Delhi Police arrested as many as 1,600 people and confiscated around 2,000 vehicles during night patrols before eventually arresting five people for a robbery of Rs 2 lakh.

The swift action by the cops followed a social media uproar over the viral video, with many questioning the law and order situation in the national capital.

Patil Sajjan Kumar, a delivery agent for Chandni Chowk-based Omiya Enterprises, and his partner Jigar Patil were on their way to Gurugram in a taxi on Saturday when four men on two bicycles blocked their way. The two million riders got off their bikes and grabbed their pistols.

One moved toward the driver’s seat, and the other opened the back door and grabbed the bag of money. Then the two got on their bikes and drove away.

The 1.5 km tunnel connects New Delhi to Sarai Kali Khan and Noida and is located in the heart of the national capital. The criminals’ sheer audacity to carry out the heist in a crowded tunnel in broad daylight has raised strong questions about the law and order situation in Delhi.

Among those who criticized the Delhi Police for the horrific crime was the Chief Minister and Aam Party Chairman Arvind Kejriwal. He demanded the resignation of the governor V.I. K. Saxena, who controls the Delhi police as the centre’s representative, reiterated his longstanding demand that control of the force be handed over to the Delhi government.

“Redesign LG shud. Make way for someone who can provide safety and security for the people of Delhi. If the central government is unable to make Delhi safe, then hand it over to us. We will show you how to make a city safe for its citizens.”

The Governor, Saxena, called a meeting on the status of law and order in the national capital. In response, Mr Kejriwal said it appeared the center “doesn’t have a solid plan”. “Calling a meeting is just a formality. In the Pragati Maidan area where the G20 meetings will be held, a robbery has been committed in broad daylight. There is a ‘Jungle Raj’ in Delhi. Give us law and order, we will make it the safest city.”



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