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Top 11 personalities ranked by the amount of their hearts

Ted Lasso It might be one of the most honest TV series ever. With his brilliant writing and acting, he combines comedy and drama into a wonderfully successful blend. This Apple TV+ lineup is one of many on the platform that has cleverly capitalized on the human condition.

What makes the show so engaging are the characters who live in the world in which it is set. And the positivity that our team of players, coaches and families bring to Richmond is proof of that a personality these characters. Which character has the most hearts in the sea? Let’s find out. whistle!

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11 Jimmy Tart

Warner Bros. Television

Of all the characters in the series, Jamie Tartt probably has the best arc character ever. The series begins as a brash and egotistical superstar of AFC Richmond, Jimmy must lose everything to find his way. When he does, it makes him one of the most caring players at the club. With the loss of his girlfriend, his football career, and an ongoing strained relationship with his father, Jimmy learns to care about more than just himself.

10 Isaac McAdoo

Isaac McAdoo
  • Warner Bros. Television Studios

She reflects some of the strong qualities of former teammate and current coach Roy Kent. Throughout the series, team captain and head barber Isaac McAdoo displays unwavering loyalty and a sense of caring for his teammates. Especially when his teammate from Richmond Colin Hughes comes into the team after a fight Isaac had with a fan and makes disparaging comments. He may not be able to say it out loud, but Isaac loves his teammates.

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9 Trent Karim

Trent Karim
Warner Bros. Television Studios

Trent Crimm, a freelancer, begins the series as a somewhat antagonistic recurring character. He is particularly cruel to Coach Ted Lass in his early days, and is the reporter who broke the story of Ted’s panic attacks in season two. However, after losing his job at The Independent for revealing his source to Ted, Trent joins the club to write a book about AFC Richmond and Ted. From there, Trent becomes a fan favorite by committing to the team and helping Colin express his sexuality in a public forum.

8 Roy Kent

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso
Warner Bros. Television Studios

Often ruthless and tough on and off the field, Roy Kent has a particular vulnerability for those close to him. His undying love for his niece, his devotion to his girlfriend Kelly, and his friendship with former rival Jimmy Tart are all perfect examples of the heart Roy displays throughout the series. He also loves to cry after watching Nora Ephron classics, you have mail.

7 Danny Rojas

Danny Rojas
Warner Bros. Television Studios

For Dani Rojas, “Football is life!”. Dani’s enthusiasm is off the charts and his dedicated play and commitment to his teammates is an incredibly admirable quality. No matter the club’s mood, Danny is always there, proud and enthusiastic. But beware, Danny can change a teammate’s direction if he’s on the opposing team, as fellow Richmond “Van Dam” discovered in Season 3.

6 Beard trainer

Beard trainer
Warner Bros. Television Studios

Ted is joined on his journey across the pond by his assistant, Coach Bird. Often a quiet and enigmatic character, Beard is more than just Ted’s trainer. It is implied throughout the series that Ted and Beard are best friends whose relationship dates back to their youth. Beard has an unwavering sense of duty to his best friend and shows his protective nature during the Nathan Shelly debacle in season two. We could all use Coach Beard in our lives.

5 Rebecca Wilton

Ted lasso season 3
+ Apple TV

Rebecca Wilton begins the series as the grieving and somewhat critical owner of AFC Richmond following her divorce from her cheating ex-husband. Her hiring of Ted is simply part of her plan to get over the one thing her ex ever loved, which was a team.

In a remarkable turn of events, Ted is one of the characters who helped Rebecca grow into the strong, independent character we see over the course of the series. Rebecca’s love for the team and everyone involved grows with her. She is also the first person to learn it and helps Ted overcome his panic attacks.

4 Leslie Higgins

Leslie Higgins
Warner Bros. Television

Leslie Higgins’ heart can be measured by his unparalleled kindness to everyone he meets. Higgins always has a friendly smile and is there for everyone. This is an example of the Christmas dinner he and his family host each year for AFC Richmond players who have no vacationers with them. This woman’s son has his heart on his sleeve and makes everyone better.

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3 Sam Obisania

Sam Obisania
Warner Bros. Television Studios

Sam Obisanya is a special character Ted Lasso. Not only does he show his commitment to his teammates, but also his commitment to his family and Nigerian heritage. Throughout the series, he constantly talks about pressing and serious social and political issues and is not afraid to speak up when he sees something unfair. The dream of honoring his family and being the best player he can be is always at the forefront of his mind.

2 Kelly Jones

Ted Lasso - Kelly Jones
Warner Bros. Television Studios

Whether that’s helping the AFC Richmond players in a public relations role for the team, helping Rebecca through her grief or working to get her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Tartt out of the mess. Kelly Jones is as selfless a character as she is on TV. The brilliant performance of Juno Temple brings to life Kelly Jones’ gem of a person.

1 Ted Lasso

Ted lasso season 3
Warner Bros. Television Studios

Heart beat Ted Lasso It’s really Ted Lasso. Jason Sudeikis’ Emmy Award-winning performance as Manager The Sharp at AFC Richmond is one of the most positive and uplifting performances on television. A morale booster or a warm inspirational quote can always be counted on as a ted shocker. Despite battling his own inner demons, Ted finds time to give his heart to those around him who may need it.



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