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Tragic details about Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge is a successful actress, and despite this success, she seems down to earth. In an interview with The Guardian, she spoke about receiving roles later in life. “I’ve been very lucky,” she said, before acknowledging the projects she has highlighted.

She continued, “People assumed I could only do certain types of roles — that lady who walks in, opens the door, says something funny, and then shuts it.” “You get boxed as comic relief, but this stuff helped get me back in the game and I’m so happy.” Based on Coolidge’s roles, fans might assume she’s a confident, laid-back woman. After all, not just anyone can do the comedic performances I did because they are often tongue-in-cheek. But if you thought she was totally comfortable with herself, you’d be wrong, because she has admitted to using comedy as a defense mechanism.

“I hate being…just me. I think I wear a little thing just to survive,” she told InStyle of how she used her comedy. “There are tricks I’ve learned where I don’t have to be 100% myself.” Who’d guess Is Coolidge shy when socializing?

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