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VALORANT: How to remake the game

You wait in queue for what seems like an eternity before you can finally load up in a competitive VALORANT match. You sat at the loading screen forever after your teammates argued over which agents to pick before slowly realizing someone in the lobby must be playing on a toaster. It is certain that one of your teammates is offline once the map loads. So what next?

Similar to games like League of Legends, when a team member breaks up and the match starts with a four vs. Five or during the first round, VALORANT players have the option to finish the game and line up to get a new one. If you need more information about VALORANT: How to Remake the game, read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

VALORANT: How to remake the game

By entering the /rebuild command at the beginning of the second round, a “reconnection call” may be triggered if the player disconnects at the beginning of the match – from the beginning of the purchase phase to the end of the first round. Only the second round of the map allows it to be remade. All linked team members must vote for the re-form through the voting system to restart the match from scratch.

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Each player must vote “yes” to restart the game, for example, if there are only four players on the team. The game will proceed to the next round even if for any reason only one player casts a ‘No’ vote. Since the remake doesn’t feel like a concession, there are no good reasons not to vote for it. You won’t lose any RR when you reforge it, and you’ll also avoid starting the game at a disadvantage. Voting “yes” when a new vote is submitted is always in your best interest and the interests of your team.

During the buying phase in the second round, voting on the reproduction is open. Similar to a losing vote, the vote will end if it is not approved. Many players who have never seen the reforge option may initially think it a concession due to the similarities between a forfeited vote and a reforge.

According to Riot, any player who leaves the match early is penalized with an escape kick equal to being disconnected from the entire match. In Valorant, players who remake the game are not penalized in any way.

All players who vote will not be penalized for losing XP, RR or MMR of the game if the vote is accepted and a new copy of the game is created. In a replay scenario, the disconnected player will be the only one to be penalized; They will suffer a penalty equivalent to leaving a full match. This fine helps discourage people from skipping lines and wasting everyone’s time.


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