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Where To Find Clock Tower Gear In Remnant 2

Finding the Clock Tower Gear in Remnant 2 can be tricky if players do not know where to look or how to solve the puzzle that blocks its acquisition. The new soulslike game is a sequel to Remnant: From The Ashes and is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity survives its long-lasting fight against invading creatures. Remnant 2 is one of the July 2023 video game releases and is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

In the new world explored by the player in Remnant 2, players will have to overcome several challenging opponents. However, in addition to these threats, which are core to the game’s soulslike experience, they will also have to solve a few puzzles – and one of them includes finding the Clock Tower Gear item in Remnant 2, which is then used to repair the Clock Tower itself and obtain an essential item called Broken Timepiece. This item can then be used to get a new time-stopping skill.

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Clock Tower Gear Location In Remnant 2

To get the Clock Tower Gear in Remnant 2, players will have to go to the Lamark District. Within the region, they will then have to explore and locate the Clockmaker’s house. Once players have found and entered the area, they will have to search for the clock hanging from a wall in the room. The desired Clock Tower Gear is located within it, but a puzzle will have to be solved before the item can be claimed and taken to the Clock Tower.

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Clock Puzzle Solution – How To Get Clock Tower Gear In Remnant 2

The secret to solving this specific puzzle is to set the Clockmaker’s clock to a specific time. The solution is presented by the Clock Tower’s large clock, which can be consulted outside. The time does not change from player to player, and the exact time used to get the Clock Tower Gear in Remnant 2 is 11:17.

For a detailed solution, the small hand represents the hours, and the large hand represents the minutes of an hour. As such, the small hand should be set to the top left large circle, while the large hand should be near the second small circle below the larger middle-right circle.

The clockmaker's clock in Remnant 2 marks the time: eleven hours and seventeen minutes.

After concluding the puzzle, players will drop the Clock Tower Gear, also known as Clockwork Pinion. With it, they should return to the top of the Clock Tower and use the recently acquired gear among the larger gear structure. Nearby, they should interact with a wheel, which will get the Clock Tower’s structure running again. As a reward, a material called Broken Timepiece will present itself, allowing players to get the Time Lapse Weapon mod from Ava McCabe.

The Broken Timepiece will drop near the clock and glow with a purple aura in Remnant 2.

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