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Where To Find Purple & White Onions In Pikmin 4

Players can use Purple & White Onions in Pikmin 4 to produce more Pikmin to add to their army. While the more common Pikmin, such as Red, Blue, and Yellow Onions, can be easily found, allowing players to increase their numbers, the rarer Pikmin Onions are harder to find. Onions create more Pikmin for players, using them as a base to collect each type of Pikmin when needed.

Any Onions that players find are merged into one but need to be brought back to the main Onion for them to be combined. Purple and White Pikmin are vastly different but are two of the best Pikmin available in Pikmin 4. Purple Pikmin are the strongest in the game but move slowly. In contrast, White Pikmin are immune to poison and are incredibly fast.

The Purple & White Onions can’t be found in the wild or caves by players but instead are unlocked by completing the Trial of the Safe Leaf.

Where To Find The White Onion

White Pikmin are unlocked early in Pikmin 4, but their Onion that is required to generate more of them can only be found by completing The Trial of the Sage Leaf. This quest can be started in the cave at the Rescue Command Post Centre. The Trial is broken up into ten parts, and to unlock the White Onion, players need to complete the 5th story mission, ‘The White Key.’ This part of the trial will involve using different Pikmin to collect balls used to unlock a door; having Pink Pikmin will help players complete this by using their flying abilities.

Where To Find The Purple Onion

purple onion pikmin 4

Once players have unlocked the White Onion, they will need to continue through the remainder of the Trial of the Sage Leaf to unlock the Purple Onion. The tenth and final story mission, ‘The Purple Key,’ will reward players with the Purple Onion once completed. However, this part of the trial is especially hard to complete. Your companion Oatchi will need to be used to help you get past a Waterwraith to reach the Purple Onion. Using early upgrades on Oatchi in Pikmin 4 will increase its strength which will need to be nearly maxed out to complete this trial.

The White & Purple Onions are two of the hardest to get in Pikmin 4 but are crucial for players to build the strong army of Pikmin needed for the final stages of the main campaign.

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