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Why wasn’t Rihanna paid to perform at the Super Bowl?

Rihanna may have only spent 13 minutes on stage during Super Bowl halftime, but years of preparation led to the show. For example, this was the singer’s first concert performance in seven years, where she discussed The Process with Nate Burleson. “To go back from scratch to the Super Bowl, that’s kind of nuts,” she said in the interview, adding that she studied Beyoncé’s previous Super Bowl performance for inspiration.

The Super Bowl halftime show is also very expensive. A source revealed to Reuters that $1 million per minute is the typical budget for a performance like Rihanna, though that number has not been confirmed by the NFL or its sponsors. However, none of that money went to the star of the show herself — and Rihanna isn’t the only one giving away for free. “We don’t pay artists,” NFL spokeswoman Joanna Hunter explained to Forbes in 2016. “We cover expenses and production costs.”

In other words, Rihanna hasn’t been snubbed — occupying the Super Bowl halftime show is just a rite of passage for music’s biggest names, and many accept the honor without expecting a paycheck.

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