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WWE Star Valerie Loureda makes Miami Jersey look hot

Valerie Loreda He first rose to fame as a MMA fighter, but recently moved away from fighting and decided to pursue a career in WWE.

“Now I’m the first Cuban-American woman, and now I’m a WWE Superstar,” Loreda told Ariel Helwani. “I am passionate, I have dedicated my entire life to martial arts, everything has come down to this moment. This is my chance to showcase my culture and entertain the world.”

Trying to hold back her tears, she continued, “I’m emotional because I’ve worked so hard my whole life. I had a tough upbringing, and every single day, I always believed in myself and trained hard, hoping to move to the next step and chase the dream that’s been in my heart since I was a kid.” “

Now, she’s showing off her support for the Miami Heat wearing a Miami basketball jersey while still showing off her body.

Valerie Loreda stuns fans in a Miami basketball jersey

Instagram | Valerie Loreda

The WWE star shared a few photos on Instagram that show her support for the Miami Heat while wearing a basketball jersey with her name on the back. Loureda’s shirt fits like a dress, barely covering her booty and putting her legs on full display.

She captioned the post, “305 until I die.”

Valerie Loreda reprises Miami

Valerie Loreda makes Miami Jersey look sexy and wows fans with new photos
Instagram | Valerie Loreda

In another, Loreda has the symbol “305” on her fingers while wearing a basketball jersey and black baseball cap.

“Vice City,” one fan wrote, while another shouted, “Hi. Lolaview. You. Looking. Beautiful 😍❤️😍.”

Another commented, “Amazing 😍.”

Others noticed that she was attending a UFC promotional event because of the photo background. “Back to MMA,” one of her followers wrote.

Valerie Loreda shares the inspiration behind joining WWE

Valerie Loreda rocking a bikini
Instagram | Valerie Loreda

Loureda thanked the Bellator executives for their faith in her after she announced she was leaving the UFC, saying, “Scott Cocker and Mike Kogan, Rich Cho, believed in me when I was 19. Sun. They were opening a major. They let me open a major. They let me open.” To promote myself and build this platform and be me.”

She continued, “Now, I’m making this transition, and my mind has changed, but I know what I’m going to do in WWE.”

Then Valerie Loreda opened up about how Ronda Rousey helped her get into the fight, admitting that she was a real inspiration.

“I’ve never seen mixed martial arts before in my life, and that’s what happened, Ronda was fighting, I saw a beautiful woman fighting in a cage…and I got goosebumps,” Loreda admitted. “I said, ‘Nana, if she does it, I can do it too,’ and that really gave me all that zeal and passion inside me to start my martial arts journey.”

Now that Loureda is in WWE, she’s aiming to fight Ronda Rousey. “I tweeted the other day, ‘Who’s next? And just before I found out I had a WWE contract, I tweeted back, “I am,” she said. “This is the goal I have one day.”



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