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Zendaya Embarrassed After Being Snapped Picking Up Dog Poo

Hollywood actress Zendaya, known for her impeccable style and poise, found herself in an endearingly embarrassing situation that many dog owners can empathize with – picking up after her four-legged friend.

The Spider-Man star recounted a candid moment when she was photographed picking up her dog’s poop while on a casual stroll in Venice, where she hoped it wouldn’t get caught on camera.

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Zendaya Recounts Moment She Was Pictured Picking Up After Her Pet


In her recent interview with Elle, the “Euphoria” star recounted a quite embarrassing yet relatable moment when she attempted to handle the daily responsibilities of pet ownership in Venice.

The incident took place in Venice, where Zendaya was seen picking up after her dog. Mortified by the unexpected attention, she was photographed sharing a sheepish smile while bending over to handle the cleanup, a scene that resonates with dog owners.

“I had this idea of, like, I can walk around Venice. No, I can’t,” she laughed as she recounted the incident to the news outlet. “I had to pick up his poo, and I was like, Lord, ‘please, don’t take a picture of me picking up my dog’s sh*t.’”

Luckily for her, the picture that surfaced didn’t show her picking up the poo. “There’s a picture of me holding the bag, but thankfully they spared the grabbing and the putting it in the bag part,” she added.

Zendaya On Why She Keeps Her Relationship Private


Zendaya and Tom Holland, who first ignited rumors about their relationship in 2017, confirmed their romance in 2021. Since then, fans have been captivated by their chemistry on and off-screen. Despite their high-profile status, Zendaya and Holland have consciously chosen to keep the details of their relationship away from the public.

In her interview with Elle, the multitalented star gave a rare insight into their decision to keep their romance private, noting that it’s all in a bid to keep the peace between them.

She explained, “Parts of my life, I accept, are going to be public. I can’t not be a person, live my life, and love the person I love. But also, I do have control over what I choose to share.”

Zendaya added, “It’s about protecting the peace and letting things be your own, but also not being afraid to exist. You can’t hide. That’s not fun, either. I am navigating it more than ever now.”

Zendaya Shares Her Feeling Of Performing At Coachella

Zendaya Paris Fashion Week
Instagram | Zendaya

Zendaya stole the show at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, delivering a breathtaking performance that showcased her musical prowess and highlighted her resilience after facing “negative experiences” in the music industry. The crowd was left awestruck as the 27-year-old singer and actress graced the stage alongside British singer Labrinth, proving that her indomitable spirit and undeniable talent can conquer any adversity.

In her interview with Elle, she opened up about the “negative experiences” she encountered while trying to establish herself as a musician and how she felt performing for the first time in eight years. She noted that she felt nervous about it but had to take the bull by the horns and do it regardless.

“I have a lot of negative experiences with the music industry, and being onstage is really the worst,” she said. “It carries a lot for me, and I was afraid to open that door again. But I was also like, ‘You can’t run away from this forever.’”

Zendaya Details Her Anxiety For Her Role In ‘Challengers’

5th Annual InStyle Awards - Arrivals

Zendaya also opened up about the challenges she faced while taking on a more mature role in the upcoming film “Challengers.” She shared her experiences dealing with anxiety as she navigated her transition into a more “grown-up” character.

In the movie, she plays budding tennis star Tashi Duncan, who is caught in a love triangle with fellow players and best friends Patrick and Art, played by Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist. 

“From a character perspective, I want to find things that will push me,” she told the new outlet. “As I get older, you know, I can’t play a teenager for the rest of my life. I felt like it was a good step into a more, I guess you could say, ‘grown-up’ role and into that next phase.”

She went on, “It was a little bit scary to take on, which I think is a good feeling. To be like, ‘Ooh, can I do this?’ You could run from that feeling and stay safe and comfortable, or you can go, ‘You know what, f**k it.’”



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